Good Friday in our community of Christians.

We had seven Christian churches and pastors come together. The messages from each one were very powerful. Our pastor’s sermon was always as with great witness. Every week his message includes, all of us are sinners, all of us fall short, all of us cannot just go to church and be saved. We came together and praised God with our voices in song. It was beautiful for Our Lord to behold his glory in his vessels chosen to honor him. Romans 9:21-24 Around the world many other churches in faith did the same. We are just a small part of God’s Church. We must have the total and complete transformation through faith in God’s grace to be saved. Especially, when we as Jesus, must take up our cross every day and follow him. If you don’t you have made a choice anyway. If God’s message reaches one person out there and they truly come to know him. There is a celebration in heaven. It can be you, are you called?  Matthew 15:4-7  Are you listening to that little light inside you? You know that there is a God, Our only God, that created everything you see. Genesis says in the beginning. John says in the beginning. Jesus is the beginning and the end in Revelation 21:6-8  He is the Alpha and the Omega. Is he calling you? Are you ready to give your burden to him? I was and many others like me. We have joy in our ultimate destination. He has promised us he will come back for those that persevere. I have faith and he let me see. Even one trial after another, I still see. I have mental illness but, when I get over the initial hurdle I am stronger every time. Lord you are carrying me. Amen I give my whole heart and soul to you always, Gladly with Peace in Heaven as my eternal home, your home of many mansions already prepared. John 14:1-4

Through Our Savior Jesus Christ, The Only Mediator between us and The Almighty God. Repent, Accept the truth, the Holy Spirit will guide you everyday. Amen, Amen!!!  The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit.

Thank you, Lord for Gifts received!

Everyday we need to thank our God, Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit, The Triune for our gifts. He gives us the gifts of love, perseverance, faith, hope, charity, forgiveness, his gifts. Finally after we devote everything to him, we see the true fruits of his love through us. I can tell you that I have only been a born again Christian since March 2011. I have been so almost destroyed in my life but, ultimately, GOD had mercy upon me a sinner with no hope. I knew at that time I was needing punishment forever. I could never ever be good enough. I was already evil from the beginning. He says in his word, not one searches after God, not one. Roman 3:9-31. That means every one of us, everyone, no one is excluded. ” Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot not see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3. He is speaking in context to a Pharisee, Nicodemus, a Jew, who repented and became born again. We know by scripture he came to our Lord with questions. Romans 3:1-21. He helped to bury our Lord after his crucifixion. John 19-38-42. Nicodemus and Joseph of Artimathea who gave his new burial tomb, were both born again believers. So in reading our Bibles, which are Spiritual Discerned, meaning you cannot understand without true repentance and conversion, we have the truth all of it in our hands and hearts and souls, forever. So if your Bible is just sitting on your table, you need to pray to the Lord, read it that he will have MERCY on you a sinner, without him there is no hope of salvation,  just destruction. God does not lie. He tells you the truth. Do you want to hear and see? Repent and Believe. You just may be his chosen. Amen, Lord Jesus, thank you for my salvation, a sinner deserving nothing but, your wrath.

Went to a Church concert last night.

I saw Mercy Me among other Christian bands in Saginaw last night. It brought me completely to the worship of the Lord. The best thing was with this part of his church he joined in. The fellowship and Holy Spirit in all present was just what we needed. Praising the Lord in music and togetherness. It was fantastic to see young people so dedicated to the Lord. Many youth groups attended. I have to mention also the variety of ages of all Christians.  Moms, dads, older Christians and younger than teenagers enjoying praising the Lord. Prayer abounded with no one saying stop it. We chose to be there and enjoy the peace and love, forgiveness and celebration of our faith in Jesus Christ. Yea for Christian musicians and Christians everywhere. I will definitely attend more of these concerts.

Praise the Lord in all his Glory

What can we say?

We can say that the Lord has us on the right path. I have been out today doing his work again. Just riding my bike praising him. I listen to my music (Christian). I like Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp, Josh Wilson, and inspirational Sermons. You might have seen me or others riding and praising God reaching our hand towards Heaven. If you see us there goes a born again Christian not denying the Lord. He says if you acknowledge me. I will acknowledge you to my Father. If you deny me, I will deny you. Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, I will deny him before My Father who is in heaven. Matthew 10 32-33

Great Day, trials I did endure and persevered with the Lord!

I had fellowship today. I was so just needing to get out and do something. Even if it wasn’t the nicest day out. I have been feeling a bit of isolation again. The kind that is trying to keep me from being what the Lord wants me to be. Obstacles again, you can’t do this because of that. You are doing this for nothing. Oh, but I am not doing it for nothing. If you would only see. It is the Lord in control. I am just along for the ride. You see I will not stop his movement in my life. Why, I can’t. He called me, he is doing his work in me. For whenever he is ready for us we’ll meet him. People around us today don’t understand. It’s like getting a charity request in the mail. Some people will try to give a bit to as many as possible. Then there are those who gripe that someone gave their name to everyone. Just throw it away and stop complaining. No one has your arm twisted to give. Then there are Christians who can’t give enough. We just can’t stop wanting to spread the word and give the Lord’s help to all. It is not about ourselves. It is for him not us. If anyone can understand that we are all born sinners. That Christ died for the predestined sinners. Those who would and will repent their sins and realize that we can never earn anything. The offer is Grace to us from him his church (not a building those who believe and put their trust, lives, everything in him). He chooses to save who he wants to. From the beginning until the end. Those that he called, are sanctified and will be glorified when he returns at the Second Coming. Thank you for Grace Lord. Thank you for letting me see. I would never and can never be worthy. Only you the potter could say who is the clay for common use. You said we are the clay to be used for Honor of you. Worship and Glory to You Forever and ever. Amen Lord Jesus God Almighty

Can We get to Heaven by Being Good Enough?

The true answer is NO. We can never of ourselves can earn the way into The Presence of God. We can think we are good enough. We can think we might get there. What if we can know for sure? It’s true we can know. God let’s us know we can’t do it on your own. No religion has the answer. In your heart you know the rights from the wrongs. You know the Ten Commandments, that not one of us has not broken and keep breaking. The New Testament made us realize that we can never earn the way. God sent Jesus Christ, his only son to bare all our sins, past, present and future. We are sinful creatures. Does not the potter have power over the clay, from the same lump to make one vessel for honor and another for dishonor? Roman 9-21. He is a Sovereign God, he can do what he wants. He created us all, for we are the clay. He made some of us for his mercy and some for common use. We have no right to challenge him. You can believe in science, evolution. You can challenge the Bible is the true word of God. You can take that chance if you want. You can know him or not. He knows his sheep and they hear him. He showed us the way. We could never ever see on our own. He gave mercy, he gave grace through Jesus Christ alone. All religions are based on what man thinks. All religions cannot answer that one question. Am I Good enough to go to Heaven? The answer is a big NO. YOU cannot ever be good enough. We are born to be sinners and by Christ’s Mercy our sins are covered, only if we repent and do his will not ours.