My brother I miss you and where is my other brother?

Not on my time but, on the Lord’s. I spent all day with my other brother. We talked the whole five hour drive to Cleveland. We are moving my sister back to Michigan. Our very small family will be back together. So very needed for our 86 year old mother who needs to be saved. The catholic church has her. Born and raised a catholic says she will die one. Works salvation. Has religiously gone to mass gave her money, prays to the dead catholic saints (necromancy) . Jesus needs us to pray to Mary cause He needs her help to rule. (A big lie) One mediator between God and man, Jesus Christ The King. We don’t need the pope (the vicar of Christ on earth). All deceiving and hypocrisy. Leading the followers on the wide road to destruction.


My bro, my bro, I have said it many times since August. So it not out of sight, out of mind, Amen! I will think of him as I study. I will think of him in church, at the beach, always. I will think of him as he would be sad to see his twin hating his sister and his own family. It got so bad I had to walk away. I had to move out on my own, to get away from his disgust of me. I am weak. The Lord is strong.

We took our girl vacation this week to Myrtle Beach. It has been very nice, except for too much yapping from time to time in the car. My aunt and I have a pretty short toleration for my mom. She can’t change, only by the grace of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is that possible…

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