Where are you going? Who is really your Savior?

I am with my brother and have been for quite a while. Even as a born-again Christian it is hard to accept death of the body is coming. Only our Lord, God can intercede. We all pray for His purpose, be it healing of my brother, Mark or his going home. As anyone who has been through a death of a loved it is very hard. In God’s word, we know God’s promise that we will see them again in eternity with Him the only true God, The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We have been supernaturally transformed. And our election is sure from eternity past. He went on hospice yesterday for the support he will need in the days to come. I am a hospice volunteer and feel blessed to be able to serve him, my brother. It is not of me but, the Lord’s gift to me for we all have our gifts that work together as one body of Christ. Praise and glory to our sovereign Lord and Savior Jesus.

We know that unbelievers do not have this hope. They believe death is final. That we must pray for the dead to get them into heaven to all kinds of their chosen saints and Mary, the mother of Jesus. The  truth is you have a decision already made for Heaven or Hell. God created us with that knowledge to worship temporal pleasures, or eternal peace, love and joy in the only way to Heaven, through Jesus Christ, our Savior, who intercedes for us always. The Lord has given Jesus, His own special people to Himself. Whom He will raise to be with Him eternally.

I was once told by my family in Lebanon that I should only visit every five years. The Lord overruled them and  has His will for you in your life also. He knows all who will believe and those who will not. I am speaking the truth taught by the apostles and disciples from all generations. If you hear His word today and believe and repent your sins, you will not be turned away. I have not been to my church in a long time. I do know that we are prayed for which gives me peace and joy. My brother and I are reading our bibles daily and other books from foreknown preachers of the Lord’s word. They are  A. W Pink, Charles Spurgeon. John MacArthur, Timothy Keller, Lee Strobel, Johnathan Edwards, Thomas Vincent, John Bunyan and many others. Strobel wrote a book called A Case for Christ, setting out to disprove Christ and became a born-again Christian.

The more you hear God’s word you can understand the truth. Find yourself a church with a Pastor who preaches God’s word. As I came to know the truth I had to find that church. I am not talking about a feel good mega church or any church that makes you feel good. I am speaking of a church that gives you the hard facts. We can never earn our own way to heaven. It is not of us to find God ourselves for that is impossible as fallen, depraved sinners. You can only know Him if He has chosen you. It is a hard doctrine (Election) for people to accept. They want to believe that they are good enough. Everything you do in your life without Him means nothing. He tells us to store up our treasures in heaven. Where are you storing yours? In worldly goods, idols that cannot walk or talk. They can never bring you true happiness and you can’t take them with you? Remember nothing is possible with man. With God all is possible. Don’t be that fraudulent carnal Christian. The world is full of them being led by false teachers and more to come as we are told in advance, to the Lake of Fire. Search your bible and pray that the Holy Spirit will convert your soul! Jesus is alive. He rose from the dead. He defeated death and sin and will never leave His Elect alone. No wolf in sheep’s clothing can snatch us from His hand. We follow no other because His is the only voice we hear.

God Bless!