What are you waiting for?

Lebanon truly was a beautiful country to me. I spent from 1998 until 2007 going back and forth in summer. Of course there are many areas all over never repaired from the fifteen year civil war and there are places you just don’t go. I lived there for two and half years. My family is still there. I am concerned about them due to all the unrest going on. Three of my family members have to drive to Beirut three times a week for dialysis due to polycystic kidney disease (including my husband, father-in-law and Aunt). I am sure now with all the information out on attempted bombings there, it hard to get to the hospital with all the security. Recently they arrested over one-hundred people in Hamra, (a suburb of Beirut) trying to catch terrorists before they complete their car bombings and whatever else is planned. There have always been attempted assassinations there. When I lived there I did not know all that was going on. I do not speak Arabic. I was in the dark mostly. I talked to my husband last night. He said it is not as bad as the news says. I keep up with the news on Naharnet (a Lebanese news site) and they have a different take.

I know God, has everything under control and His purpose will be done. I have witnessed of Jesus to my family. My husband told me he wants nothing to do with my God. They attend the Eastern Orthodox church, similar to Catholicism. The difference is they allow their priests to marry. It is the same type of ritualistic mass performed. When attending and not knowing Arabic, I just mimicked everyone else. I am still married. I would not reunite with him for God tells us do not be unevenly yoked. What happened to me with my mental illness caused me to leave. I can live apart from him. I will serve the Lord only and others. I do not want to divorce because it would alienate my daughter more. She was fourteen when I had to leave for help here and will be eighteen this October. I have missed out so much. What can I do, nothing? She is a good student with honor roll grades. She wants to become either an anesthesiologist or a kidney doctor (Nephrologist). I don’t think she would make much money if she stayed there. The wages are low. I am not sure what doctors make or the other. She mentioned she wants to study in France. Does she have time? Only God knows but, most Christians believe the tribulation is not far off. We do not know the date or time, only God does.

The Lord in his word has warned of the things that will be happening before His second coming. We as Christians see them all for he told in advance, in His word. More and more wars and failing economies, natural disasters, people killing their own, etc. and don’t blame God He does no evil, satan does and people who worship him. Israel, God’s chosen people of promise, Abraham, Issac, Jacob and God’s elect throughout generations, are persecuted, hated by almost all countries with the U.S. now starting to follow.

They are protecting themselves from people who send rockets and grow up hating them. Many are willing to blow themselves up to kill a Jew. Yet, they say the Jews are the problem. The Lord promises whoever curses the Jews are cursed. We have to live until He returns doing His work and spreading the Truth. My family used to read my blog, but I revealed I knew they were. I believe the Lord knows I did all He had me do to witness to them. They have not read it since that time. So if you are reading this you can see what rejection of Jesus Christ looks like. He told me my religion would never allow us to reunite. God’s will is above all, although men think in their foolish minds it is not. His purpose is that unworthy humans repent and believe He is their Lord, God, and Savior. Many will not and cannot accept this. His elect, He chose from eternity past, who are His adopted children. The perfect offering to allow them to know God, is His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the God-Man. If you are His chosen, you will know the truth. Why not let it be now? My mother, (a devoted Catholic), asked me, what if I am wrong? The truth has set me free and I know along with other true Christians, that my heart is transformed. It is a sad thing to come face to face with the Lord in judgment with all your sins. Come to the Lord, dedicate your life to Him. Everything, depends on that truth. If you are not wanting to know the truth, you have made your choice. He has instilled in all men, the knowledge that He is God and we must repent and give all of ourselves to Him, for He knows all man’s hearts. So do not think you can hide anything from Him. He knows all.

God Bless,

Pray it is the Lord’s will to save your soul and transform your heart.