What can GOD do to give you ETERNAL LIFE?

I relied on my Lord, Jesus Christ for all I am and will be. He promises to always take care of our needs and does. I said before I was very upset, crying, afraid and finally said Lord, I know you know what I need.
It really took a long time to get insured. I am sure many people have been through this. I am not considered disabled. I want to take care of myself and pay for it and work. I know people think we are getting a free ride for insurance. Then you have reestablish yourself with new doctors and programs again, starting from scratch, going through all you did before, again and again. It was a mess. If my M.D was not willing to write three scripts for my main bipolar drug, medicaid would be paying more for a psyche hospital. I was fortunate for a caring person that gave me enough Pristique, a blessing. That one I can’t get, it’s not generic and Pfizer pays for people who can’t afford one hundred thirty a month. I was working for $7.50 an hour a few days a week and then I had to quit. There was no sense in driving back up north one hundred miles each way for that.

I thank the Lord I am here for my brother, to be his caretaker, until the Lord calls him home. He was in his bed too nauseated to get up, more than usual this morning. He spent two days in the hospital. He went in with severe pain. The stint he had before the whipple surgery failed. The cancer is wrapped around the celiac artery. The doctor told him he wasn’t sure he could replace it. God guided his hands because, they always reconstruct the bowel which makes it hard to locate the area. He had to use a wire to install the new stint, not a usual procedure. The Lord gave him hands to do what he does. My brother has been strong through all of this. He wants to go home but, the Lord has not taken him yet. It is His time not ours. You see if you don’t know God is sovereign over our lives, you are fooling yourself. He is in complete control as the book of Job, proves. We can’t control our diseases. I do believe the foods we eat have things that cause cancer. I believe refined sugar is a big cause. They knew years and years ago it was and still let us believe it is safe. They just call sugar different things on labels. The sugar-free sweeteners are bad also. The only one they say is best is stevia, made from natural leaves. It’s too late for most of us are all ready to get cancers after years of ingesting many ingredients, in foods that kill. It starts with a yeast fungus, then candida takes over. If your body doesn’t or can’t fight that off, it ends up cancer. Life is short, a vapor and at fifty-nine you would think you have a few years yet before dying yet and there are even those at younger ages than that.

We watched the show on antibiotics a couple of weeks ago on PBS. Companies are no longer researching or trying to make new ones. They are not profitable since patients only use them a short time. Many people die of so-called natural causes but, it’s these new super bug diseases, or recurring ones of old that can’t be treated with the antibiotics we have. The drugs that are profitable, are new ones, and older ones developed and for long time use. By the time you hear, or read all the side effects you don’t want to take them either. Alas, so what do you do? You pray that when you die, it’s quick. That you don’t suffer for long. The way things are now your body is rotting from the inside quicker, shortening life as we know it.

If that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will. God did not create evil. Man created all of it by the influence of satan. He wants you to believe there is no God, or that God causes diseases and suffering, not so. God is, was, and will always be the same. A loving God, waiting for you to realize in your own conscience that He created a perfect world until satan, the prince of darkness caused man-kind to become disobedient and fallen. He wanted to be more powerful than God. He is already defeated but, wants to take you to hell with him. God sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ to live a perfect and sinless life to take the place for the sinners, those who will come to Him. If your heart and soul are made ready, He can take away your burdens today. Look up to the heavens and bend your knees now. Lay your sins at the foot of the cross where He died and shed His blood for you. Take up your cross and follow Him now. Life will still not be easier with God, we all have trials. You cannot just say a prayer and go on the way you have. You will know if you belong to Him because your life will turn from sin. You will seek Him everyday in your life because He is your solace. Or you will bow and worship satan in the end. You need no mediator for your prayers to God. Jesus is our only mediator, always has been since His death and resurrection. He is love not hate. You can follow all false gods, leaders, and your idols to your own destruction. In His word He promises He will never turn repentive sinners away. That He will have MERCY on whom He will have MERCY. In the end, you will know and it is too late.

God Bless!

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