Where are you going? Who is really your Savior?

I am with my brother and have been for quite a while. Even as a born-again Christian it is hard to accept death of the body is coming. Only our Lord, God can intercede. We all pray for His purpose, be it healing of my brother, Mark or his going home. As anyone who has been through a death of a loved it is very hard. In God’s word, we know God’s promise that we will see them again in eternity with Him the only true God, The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We have been supernaturally transformed. And our election is sure from eternity past. He went on hospice yesterday for the support he will need in the days to come. I am a hospice volunteer and feel blessed to be able to serve him, my brother. It is not of me but, the Lord’s gift to me for we all have our gifts that work together as one body of Christ. Praise and glory to our sovereign Lord and Savior Jesus.

We know that unbelievers do not have this hope. They believe death is final. That we must pray for the dead to get them into heaven to all kinds of their chosen saints and Mary, the mother of Jesus. The  truth is you have a decision already made for Heaven or Hell. God created us with that knowledge to worship temporal pleasures, or eternal peace, love and joy in the only way to Heaven, through Jesus Christ, our Savior, who intercedes for us always. The Lord has given Jesus, His own special people to Himself. Whom He will raise to be with Him eternally.

I was once told by my family in Lebanon that I should only visit every five years. The Lord overruled them and  has His will for you in your life also. He knows all who will believe and those who will not. I am speaking the truth taught by the apostles and disciples from all generations. If you hear His word today and believe and repent your sins, you will not be turned away. I have not been to my church in a long time. I do know that we are prayed for which gives me peace and joy. My brother and I are reading our bibles daily and other books from foreknown preachers of the Lord’s word. They are  A. W Pink, Charles Spurgeon. John MacArthur, Timothy Keller, Lee Strobel, Johnathan Edwards, Thomas Vincent, John Bunyan and many others. Strobel wrote a book called A Case for Christ, setting out to disprove Christ and became a born-again Christian.

The more you hear God’s word you can understand the truth. Find yourself a church with a Pastor who preaches God’s word. As I came to know the truth I had to find that church. I am not talking about a feel good mega church or any church that makes you feel good. I am speaking of a church that gives you the hard facts. We can never earn our own way to heaven. It is not of us to find God ourselves for that is impossible as fallen, depraved sinners. You can only know Him if He has chosen you. It is a hard doctrine (Election) for people to accept. They want to believe that they are good enough. Everything you do in your life without Him means nothing. He tells us to store up our treasures in heaven. Where are you storing yours? In worldly goods, idols that cannot walk or talk. They can never bring you true happiness and you can’t take them with you? Remember nothing is possible with man. With God all is possible. Don’t be that fraudulent carnal Christian. The world is full of them being led by false teachers and more to come as we are told in advance, to the Lake of Fire. Search your bible and pray that the Holy Spirit will convert your soul! Jesus is alive. He rose from the dead. He defeated death and sin and will never leave His Elect alone. No wolf in sheep’s clothing can snatch us from His hand. We follow no other because His is the only voice we hear.

God Bless!

What are you waiting for?

Lebanon truly was a beautiful country to me. I spent from 1998 until 2007 going back and forth in summer. Of course there are many areas all over never repaired from the fifteen year civil war and there are places you just don’t go. I lived there for two and half years. My family is still there. I am concerned about them due to all the unrest going on. Three of my family members have to drive to Beirut three times a week for dialysis due to polycystic kidney disease (including my husband, father-in-law and Aunt). I am sure now with all the information out on attempted bombings there, it hard to get to the hospital with all the security. Recently they arrested over one-hundred people in Hamra, (a suburb of Beirut) trying to catch terrorists before they complete their car bombings and whatever else is planned. There have always been attempted assassinations there. When I lived there I did not know all that was going on. I do not speak Arabic. I was in the dark mostly. I talked to my husband last night. He said it is not as bad as the news says. I keep up with the news on Naharnet (a Lebanese news site) and they have a different take.

I know God, has everything under control and His purpose will be done. I have witnessed of Jesus to my family. My husband told me he wants nothing to do with my God. They attend the Eastern Orthodox church, similar to Catholicism. The difference is they allow their priests to marry. It is the same type of ritualistic mass performed. When attending and not knowing Arabic, I just mimicked everyone else. I am still married. I would not reunite with him for God tells us do not be unevenly yoked. What happened to me with my mental illness caused me to leave. I can live apart from him. I will serve the Lord only and others. I do not want to divorce because it would alienate my daughter more. She was fourteen when I had to leave for help here and will be eighteen this October. I have missed out so much. What can I do, nothing? She is a good student with honor roll grades. She wants to become either an anesthesiologist or a kidney doctor (Nephrologist). I don’t think she would make much money if she stayed there. The wages are low. I am not sure what doctors make or the other. She mentioned she wants to study in France. Does she have time? Only God knows but, most Christians believe the tribulation is not far off. We do not know the date or time, only God does.

The Lord in his word has warned of the things that will be happening before His second coming. We as Christians see them all for he told in advance, in His word. More and more wars and failing economies, natural disasters, people killing their own, etc. and don’t blame God He does no evil, satan does and people who worship him. Israel, God’s chosen people of promise, Abraham, Issac, Jacob and God’s elect throughout generations, are persecuted, hated by almost all countries with the U.S. now starting to follow.

They are protecting themselves from people who send rockets and grow up hating them. Many are willing to blow themselves up to kill a Jew. Yet, they say the Jews are the problem. The Lord promises whoever curses the Jews are cursed. We have to live until He returns doing His work and spreading the Truth. My family used to read my blog, but I revealed I knew they were. I believe the Lord knows I did all He had me do to witness to them. They have not read it since that time. So if you are reading this you can see what rejection of Jesus Christ looks like. He told me my religion would never allow us to reunite. God’s will is above all, although men think in their foolish minds it is not. His purpose is that unworthy humans repent and believe He is their Lord, God, and Savior. Many will not and cannot accept this. His elect, He chose from eternity past, who are His adopted children. The perfect offering to allow them to know God, is His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, the God-Man. If you are His chosen, you will know the truth. Why not let it be now? My mother, (a devoted Catholic), asked me, what if I am wrong? The truth has set me free and I know along with other true Christians, that my heart is transformed. It is a sad thing to come face to face with the Lord in judgment with all your sins. Come to the Lord, dedicate your life to Him. Everything, depends on that truth. If you are not wanting to know the truth, you have made your choice. He has instilled in all men, the knowledge that He is God and we must repent and give all of ourselves to Him, for He knows all man’s hearts. So do not think you can hide anything from Him. He knows all.

God Bless,

Pray it is the Lord’s will to save your soul and transform your heart.

From Here to Eternity,

a movie name. I can’t remember it, but I know I have seen parts of it. I know it was about love. One of my favorites is Pride and prejudice. I have watched it many times, a few times in the last months. Nothing nasty in that movie. No sex shown, or cussing, a good story of how we judge and are not seeing the truth.

I was talking to my brother last night. We were talking about things. He tells me what can you do about people not heeding the truth you are sharing? He gets frustrated with me. If someone comes to the Lord, it’s Him that does it. If they don’t want to hear, stop throwing your pearls to swine. (Matthew 7:5-7)

He has a short fuse when I repeat myself. We came from a very dysfunctional family, that came from another and I heard another. It’s happen to all of us in some shape or form. The bad choices we made. Sinners with no restraint, like all of us. When the Lord calls you to Him and spiritually transforms you, you will not sin like you did before. It becomes something you hate, Just like God hates sin. He gave us His only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ to take our place for those sins. Through Christ’s blood shed on the cross our sins are blotted out. We are a changed and transformed creature. I know the Lord is teaching both of us about His eternal love. My brother questions; “Why the Lord just does not take him now?” I keep reminding him it is not our choice of when we go home to that eternity. We cannot know, those things belong to God. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about it’s own things. Sufficient for the day is its own troubles. (Matthew 6:34) That is very good advice directly from Christ.

When I repeat things I have dealt with he tells me we’ve been through this discussion before. Why are we going through it again? He doesn’t want to talk about what is going on in the world. He doesn’t care and I understand. So now I just don’t go there. He has helped me so much and says the same about me. The Lords purpose is there for both of us. He tells me what can you do about any of it. He is right. I can only serve the Lord and do what He has me do. To stay focused on Him, to pray, study and share the truth. If someone does not want to know the truth after a while move on. (Matthew 7:5-7)

We have that joy, peace, a guarantee about our eternity with the Lord in His heavenly kingdom. John wrote down the instructions from the Lord in the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ. A vision, warnings, to the seven churches of the time and all of the world through generations of what will occur in the end of days. He wrote while in exile on the Isle of Patmos, prophesy we should heed. There will terrible times and death and destruction never seen before. (Luke 21:25-28) Revelation 22 is the last chapter the fulfillment. Are you ready for that time? Are you ready to say Amen, even so Lord Jesus come quickly? Or are you just thinking, well I really don’t have to think about my eternity. There is no life after death, or we got here by evolution, no one created us and is sovereign over us. We just exist. The bible is just words of men, not by inspiration of Our God, Creator, Lord of Lords, King of Kings.

(James 4:12-14) reads: “Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and make a profit”; whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.” Do you still think you have time, or that you will think about it later? Or maybe it does not matter, once your dead you are dead. My grandma said that one.

God Bless!

Lord give me strength…

Am I asking for something I already have. I believe so. He promises those burdens we have are His. Yet as we are flesh we feel those pains and falter in our strength at times. I want to take my brothers pain away, yet I know that is not possible with me. I don’t want him to live with this pain and yet I don’t want not to have him in my life. I still hope and pray things will change. We are doing the medical marijuana. He has a state approved card. We use the fans leaves in a smoothie daily. It’s been about two months. We are waiting for his caretaker to process this new oil, Rick Simpson oil. They are a new start-up company and trying to get one ready especially for him. He is still working and needs the oil that does not affect his mind, like the leaves do not so he can continue. In all this, he wants to see a project completed. He a computer program expert. He is trying to work with people to make a change over to new equipment. Now as the day wore on it was a bad day. When he works I know it keeps his mind sharp and takes him elsewhere besides his illness.

They are not all bad days. We have been watching old movies together, westerns, etc. I enjoy them also. He told me tearfully the other day, he is so happy I am with him. I am his sister in Christ. My mom and brother do come when they can. It is hard for mom. We lost dad in 2012 to the same cancer. She is going to be eighty-two. She was sure she could drive here and does when I need to go to my Dr. appointments. I am trying to get in sooner to see my psychiatrist to get my drug scripts written. They have their procedures and you can’t get around them. Praise the Lord, as I said my Md. is writing one of them until I get this done. The rest I still have or can do without.

I am waking every morning still here. As Christians we look forward to the Lord Jesus’s second coming. I trust the Lord’s word as written. The apostle Paul revealed this is the mystery age, when the Gentiles and some Jews are given mercy (Grace) from God, through faith and salvation forever, believing without seeing. (Romans 16:25,26; Ephesians 3:7-10; 1 Corinthians 15:50-53) Election and predestination are certainly stated by the Lord in His word.(Romans 8:28-30) Many people get upset about this. They are not wanting to accept that they have no good thing in them worthy of salvation. That the Lord is not sovereign over creation and find excuses (verses out of context) that fit with acceptance of false teachings. (Matthew 11:27; Luke 10:22; 1 John 2:23) The Father, God draws all His elect to Jesus at His sovereign time. It is impossible for men to seek God on their own. Still another doctrinal error is that the Jews have lost all favor with God. When He tells us Himself they are temporary blinded until the fulfillment of the conversion of all His elect in the now church age.

Prophesied is the coming of the man of desolation of this world (the final antichrist). A great speaker mesmerizing all unbelievers. A leader who will make peace with the Jews and their enemies. He will bring them into the seven-year tribulation. He is liar and belongs to satan along with false teachers, prophets, deceivers, ( the beast, dragon, false prophet described in Revelation) will reign until he is cast into he lake of fire defeated. Unbelievers will follow him blindly because God will give them over to his deception. In the beginning of the second three and half years he will go into a rebuilt temple and say he is god and we must worship him. All the signs are here. All false religions are being joined together (also prophesied) to deceive and lead them to worship the same god, a (man-made) god. The only true God spiritually transforms us, and we hear His voice because we are His adopted children. We will follow no one else. We believe Jesus died and rose from the dead defeating death and sin forever and satan. He knows he has but a little time to take you with him. You can know the truth when the only God does have mercy on you He foreknew before eternity past. He will not turn any that truly call on His name away. We need to be enabled to hear and believe the truth, repent our sins, come to obedience, be transformed and follow Him. His perfect word the, Bible has all the truths. For the unbeliever this is all foolishness because they cannot understand. I praise my Lord and Savior, the Only Begotten Son, God incarnate, and our helper the Holy Spirit, for forgiveness of my sins. Because all men deserve hell without that transformed harden heart. So if you think the Bible is a lie, you are calling the only True God a liar. You are at enmity with Him and will suffer hell for eternity.

I hope and pray everyday for those who go that way. And I give thanks everyday and honor and worship the true God of the Bible. Many believe these false preachers, with more coming, who turn the word of God to their ungodly gain for filthy lucre, (Titus 1:11) and power. They deceive all people who will believe their lies and deceptions. Christians, don’t bark or have holy laughter, or fall down slain in the spirit, or talk gibberish. There are no new proclaimed prophets today. Anything outside the word of God is a lie. These men were marked out for destruction from the beginning. (2 Peter 2:1; Jude; 2 Timothy 4:3-4; 1 Timothy 4:2).

So is the Lord calling you to turn today, repent and be forgiven. If you hear His voice today, repent and fear what is coming upon the world.

The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy one is understanding. (Proverbs 9:10)

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, because what may be known of God is in them, for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so they are without excuse, because although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were they thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. (Romans 1:18-21 read on)

God Bless!!!

It is one of the marks of the regenerate that they set to their seal that God is true. Nor do they pick and choose, as will religious hypocrites: once they perceive a truth is clearly taught in the Word, even though it be utterly opposed to their own reason and inclinations, they humbly bow to it and implicitly receive it and would do so though not another person in the world believed it.

A. W. Pink——-Doctrine of election.

What can GOD do to give you ETERNAL LIFE?

I relied on my Lord, Jesus Christ for all I am and will be. He promises to always take care of our needs and does. I said before I was very upset, crying, afraid and finally said Lord, I know you know what I need.
It really took a long time to get insured. I am sure many people have been through this. I am not considered disabled. I want to take care of myself and pay for it and work. I know people think we are getting a free ride for insurance. Then you have reestablish yourself with new doctors and programs again, starting from scratch, going through all you did before, again and again. It was a mess. If my M.D was not willing to write three scripts for my main bipolar drug, medicaid would be paying more for a psyche hospital. I was fortunate for a caring person that gave me enough Pristique, a blessing. That one I can’t get, it’s not generic and Pfizer pays for people who can’t afford one hundred thirty a month. I was working for $7.50 an hour a few days a week and then I had to quit. There was no sense in driving back up north one hundred miles each way for that.

I thank the Lord I am here for my brother, to be his caretaker, until the Lord calls him home. He was in his bed too nauseated to get up, more than usual this morning. He spent two days in the hospital. He went in with severe pain. The stint he had before the whipple surgery failed. The cancer is wrapped around the celiac artery. The doctor told him he wasn’t sure he could replace it. God guided his hands because, they always reconstruct the bowel which makes it hard to locate the area. He had to use a wire to install the new stint, not a usual procedure. The Lord gave him hands to do what he does. My brother has been strong through all of this. He wants to go home but, the Lord has not taken him yet. It is His time not ours. You see if you don’t know God is sovereign over our lives, you are fooling yourself. He is in complete control as the book of Job, proves. We can’t control our diseases. I do believe the foods we eat have things that cause cancer. I believe refined sugar is a big cause. They knew years and years ago it was and still let us believe it is safe. They just call sugar different things on labels. The sugar-free sweeteners are bad also. The only one they say is best is stevia, made from natural leaves. It’s too late for most of us are all ready to get cancers after years of ingesting many ingredients, in foods that kill. It starts with a yeast fungus, then candida takes over. If your body doesn’t or can’t fight that off, it ends up cancer. Life is short, a vapor and at fifty-nine you would think you have a few years yet before dying yet and there are even those at younger ages than that.

We watched the show on antibiotics a couple of weeks ago on PBS. Companies are no longer researching or trying to make new ones. They are not profitable since patients only use them a short time. Many people die of so-called natural causes but, it’s these new super bug diseases, or recurring ones of old that can’t be treated with the antibiotics we have. The drugs that are profitable, are new ones, and older ones developed and for long time use. By the time you hear, or read all the side effects you don’t want to take them either. Alas, so what do you do? You pray that when you die, it’s quick. That you don’t suffer for long. The way things are now your body is rotting from the inside quicker, shortening life as we know it.

If that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will. God did not create evil. Man created all of it by the influence of satan. He wants you to believe there is no God, or that God causes diseases and suffering, not so. God is, was, and will always be the same. A loving God, waiting for you to realize in your own conscience that He created a perfect world until satan, the prince of darkness caused man-kind to become disobedient and fallen. He wanted to be more powerful than God. He is already defeated but, wants to take you to hell with him. God sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ to live a perfect and sinless life to take the place for the sinners, those who will come to Him. If your heart and soul are made ready, He can take away your burdens today. Look up to the heavens and bend your knees now. Lay your sins at the foot of the cross where He died and shed His blood for you. Take up your cross and follow Him now. Life will still not be easier with God, we all have trials. You cannot just say a prayer and go on the way you have. You will know if you belong to Him because your life will turn from sin. You will seek Him everyday in your life because He is your solace. Or you will bow and worship satan in the end. You need no mediator for your prayers to God. Jesus is our only mediator, always has been since His death and resurrection. He is love not hate. You can follow all false gods, leaders, and your idols to your own destruction. In His word He promises He will never turn repentive sinners away. That He will have MERCY on whom He will have MERCY. In the end, you will know and it is too late.

God Bless!