A Christian brother absent from here and present with the Lord.


I will miss him so much. He certainly was a great encouragement for me. Always there and did the work of our Savior and Lord God in his wonderful blog. God Bless his family in their loss.

Good article on bipolar disorder and success with the Lord.

I found this very encouraging for us bipolars. It is about understanding and help from family. Also the way the Lord utilizes us in His work. Also stability with the right combination of drugs for us to live and fulfill His will.

My Pastor said and I repeat. “I don’t think the Lord will let you use that as excuse not to disciple.” It is an example, a blessing sharing a testimony of the Lord overcoming obstacles, trials, etc. A brightness in my day in my walk with Jesus. Amen!


Mother’s day and I am not in one way the perfect Mom!

Another Mother’s day is here. Just another day. I pretty much failed as a mom. My son wrote me a nasty note once telling me what he thought of me. He even wrote my dad. He thought I was trying to sell him a phone at the time. He was getting one of those emails that forwards to all of your contacts, like indefinitely. How do you stop those anyway? I received one from the Dr. Oz show for a month or so. Back to now, right now I won’t meet my grandchildren in this life, as his wife dislikes all of his side of the family. We made too many mistakes causing him to be a failure and she didn’t grow up that way. He told her every detail. I take the responsibility, the blame, and truly have repented. I was that bad as I was not saved and went my OWN way doing what sinners do, ah sin… We talk now. We have a great phone relationship. He drives truck and is doing well now. Our last conversation was pretty out there about the Bible. I won’t go into detail. You really need to heed the Lord’s warning, the apostles He taught and us through His word, the Bible. There are many, many false prophets and teachers, sheep in wolves clothing out there, beware. I also failed my daughter by leaving in 2010 with bipolar disorder and P.T.S.D. What about all the years I was there? They don’t count.

Anyway, I am telling YOU this to let YOU know we suffer through it all. We become brokenhearted but, The Lord does not give us more than we can handle. I believe that now. For His purpose I did not die back then. I became His child and I am free, because His truth has set me free. If YOU have an ear to hear YOU can. We are here to become His. We see everything He created all around us. Does science, the big bang theory or Darwinism explain all YOU see? Do YOU believe in ID? You just don’t want to believe it is God. Why not? Everything else YOU believe in is like hook, line and sinker. Such as all religions lead to the same God. We don’t need Jesus Christ as our Savior, because any other idols will do, even if they can’t walk or talk. If YOU are following a religion that does not teach the truth, YOU are following an idol. Are YOU following men who say they can interpret the Bible for YOU? And YOU don’t need to check it out YOURSELF? YOU are following an idol taking the place of the True God. Do YOU think God will let YOU get by with the excuse, well they told ME this or that? No YOU are accountable. YOU chose not to seek the truth in Jesus Christ. What will they do for YOU at the end of time, NOTHING?. Not to long ago, I saw people floating dead near the idols and temple they worshiped. Now that they are physically dead they know the truth. Idols cannot save YOU. There is judgement after this life. YOU are choosing Hell with YOUR idol. That’s the truth from the Lord Himself. YOU can read Genesis and the Lord tells us we shall NOT make graven images, idols, and bow down before them in worship, because our God is a living and jealous God.(Genesis 20:1-26) These idols are Nothing! Look into YOURSELF and see what YOU idolize. Is it money and having more and more? Is it sports? Is it playing games on whatever game station YOU have? Is it watching TV? Is it working to have all the money YOU can, to buy more of what can’t make YOU happy in the end? YOU can’t take it with YOU. YOU can lose your soul tonight and all of those things will not save YOU.(Mark 12:1-21) YOU will stand before your Creator, God Almighty and say I just did not know, but YOU did didn’t YOU? YOU just ignored YOUR conscience and went about fulfilling that empty wanton SELF. Everyone, EVERYONE is a sinner and and cannot stop sinning. There is only one way. Only One Mediator, the Only Begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ. He died for YOU to take your sins and cover them with His blood shed on the cross. He was and is and will always be the Only Way to God and His eternal kingdom.(Mark 2:1-7) He told His disciples I am going away to prepare a place for YOU. (John 14:1-7)

So which way is YOUR way? The Lord’s Way and Will or YOUR way to The Lake of Fire. (Revelation 19:7-15)
Beware the wolves in sheep’s clothing. (Luke 6:43-45)

We as Christians don’t fear for our lives. We are assured of heaven by the Lord’s promises in His Word. Even though my brother is dying he knows those promises are true and he will be in paradise face to face with our Creator, God, The Almighty, Sovereign, Long-suffering God. (Luke 3:8-9)

Don’t go YOUR way go His.

God Bless!!!