Stop thinking of yourself, God is in control!

I had to travel for a meeting yesterday. I was not happy with what I heard about getting insurance when you cannot afford it. Anyway I started to get upset and then that turned to thinking about my brother on the way back. I started to cry and I said to myself, “What are you doing?” Are you trusting the Lord with all your heart and soul? I was not. I am not going to worry about it. He will help me take care of it. I looked back over my life and thought, you have done nothing but sin and like all men we cannot seek God on our own. We cannot chose Him. He has mercy on whom He will have mercy. I thought to myself because I know the Lord, is there anything impossible with God? He chose us before eternity past knowing that all are sinners and will be until He comes again. He died for us so that our sins are covered by His blood shed on the cross. He defeated death and sin and rose from the dead in three days as prophesied in the Old and New Testaments. He is seated at the right hand of the Father interceding for us always. For satan is here in this world deceiving all whom he can. Roaming around like a roaring lion seeing who he can devour. This world, is the domain of the prince of the world, satan. If you do not feel bothered about life here or after here, you belong to satan’s deception and that is what he does to deceive you. There are more unbelievers than believers. Only God knows who He has chosen.

We must trust in God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and believe, The Triune (Godhead) can do what we pray for according to His will. There is nothing a man-made godhead can do for us. Not one deserves that Honor and Glory. God is the One and Only God in heaven. He is everywhere and does not need a replacement pretending to be His equal on earth or a mediator for us. Any man that tells us they know the scriptures and we don’t need to read them ourselves, is a Liar. That is by God’s perfect words, not mine. If you don’t read them how can you be sure what they tell you is true? You can’t. You are being lead blindly by their words. God can assure you that there are no rituals that are told to you by them that will earn your way to heaven. God has told us there is only one mediator between Him and us, Jesus, His Only Begotten Son. If we deny Jesus, we are denying God. We cannot have one without the other. He tells us to not give His place to a father on earth or to call him father in His place. After all if we are all sinners why are they looking holy on the outside when inside God says they are full of dead man’s bones. I would usually look up the verses I have quoted but, you probably would not care to look them up anyway. I tell people as most Christians, that the Gospel of John dispels all this false Christianity. Even some of the highly regarded religious leaders during Jesus’s time became believers. That’s in John’s Gospel too. Even if you don’t believe now I would hope and pray with a contrite heart that you would read it yourself. You don’t have to take anyone else’s word for what it says. Only a foolish man cannot understand the words. A boaster in himself and his good works he thinks will earn him heaven. Because he is taught that he can be good enough, lies.

How many times a day should we pour our hearts out to Him? If you are a Christian, you are constantly thinking of Him, knowing that He loves you. Your love for Him keeps growing. In my walk with the Lord these past three years, I have grown so much. As all of us know, trials come over and over, again. He promises he won’t give us more that we can handle. He knows everything about all men. Their hearts, souls and minds. You cannot fool Him going to church once a week and forgetting Him the rest of it.

When He called me to Jesus, for me I was broken beyond broken. I said that in my testimony the day I was baptized outwardly. I remember when I was saved because as I was crying I called out to Him and I knew then and now that He heard me. He made my heart ready for the effectual call at His time. I knew there was nothing else I needed in my life. My self-created disasters (sins) in my life have wrought me much more than I deserve, death and hell. When I think of what my eternity should have been, I praise Him everyday. We cannot say I belong to Jesus without a life and heart changed. A life that does not want to sin with abandon. We turn from loving sin to hating it. We want nothing more than to tell others about how awesome our God is. We are made disciples that know the truth of this world. We know that nothing here will ever bring us what we truly need. That is a personal eternal relationship with Him.

Lately, I feel shamed but I do confess to the Lord. I am spending time with my brother. He is watching old westerns. I know he is avoiding thinking of his upcoming death. He does not want to dwell upon it. I know at night he is reading and studying as I always do before sleep. He said it makes him cry too much to dwell upon when. You see he knows that he will see the Lord and be with Him eternally. I have been studying but, not a much as I am used to. I do listen to my bible on my mp3, but I can’t do that all the time. Reading is not possible with the TV going. I am playing too many games on my laptop. I want to be attentive to him. Just sitting with him, gives me peace, for him also. I live here with him. My other brother and mom are here every other two weeks each.  They are unbelievers currently. Both are on my (Each One Reach One) list. That’s our churches plan this year. Both of them are very closed about the bible and hearing about it. We don’t approach them directly but, the Lord enables His lights inside sitting here for His purpose.

All of us will face death of the flesh and we know not when. Think today about that. Turn to the Lord Jesus today, for He will enable you if your heart is contrite. Believers are ready everyday for death. We do not fear it, because we have His Holy Spirit that sustains us through all. Today is the day to think on that. Then you can Each one Reach one. For we were made to worship, The Lord. If we are in this life for what we can get and sin with abandon, then our worship belongs here. And we are not of God.  The world will not be destroyed as scientists tell you, but as the Lord tells us in His word. When He comes again every knee will bow and know that He is the Lord. Fear Him now for His wrath will consume unbelievers and  He will cast them after judgement into the lake of fire eternally with bodies fit for suffering. And there is no crossing that great fixed gulf.

One thought on “Stop thinking of yourself, God is in control!

  1. It’s good to hear from you. I pray your health holds in this new situation and that you can find joy in spite of the sorrow of this continuing trial. For your brother may peace that surpasses all comprehension guarding his heart and mind in Christ Jesus. God bless you both.

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