Does your life belong to Christ?

I made it back yesterday to my brother’s. I plan on staying as much as possible. My other brother is also here. We are getting along fine. My mom did not want me to come but, I am honoring my brother’s request. He wants two here at a time. I brought him “The Gospel According to Matthew.” It’s word for word. As of yet I am not sure he wants to see it. He says he’s good with God. I was hoping he would say yes, for maybe my other brother will watch with us. I have Acts also. I should have bought my own on DVDs. Instead I have VHS and we would have to hook it up. Maybe I’ll see if I can buy it somewhere here. My friends and I had prayer about it all before I left. We prayed for the Lord’s will. He will be talking, not us. I do recommend these to you, plus the book was excellent on the actor, Bruce Marchiano, who portrayed Christ. You never know what goes on behind the scenes and what God works out to His honor.

I hadn’t been to my own church in about three weeks. I was glad for the support. I saw Pastor and they will be emailing encouragement to my brother. Things really do happen in a row. We lost dad to pancreatic cancer 3-16-2012. My uncle 11-7-2013 to heart failure. My brother when the Lord calls. He is stage four with pancreatic cancer also. He is still trying to work from home when he feels good enough. I think he is amazing. He cares for his company so much. He wants them to be over changes being done before he dies. He is a lone computer guy in his area and no one knows his job. Who saw this coming? It’s not about him, no selfishness, just giving all he can.

He still has a pump draining bile, no let up yet. He is eating better not gaining or losing more, at this point. Lord, I Love him so much. He said yesterday he wants to see his whole family in heaven. We know we are going as born-again Christians. My other brother is not awakened. He kind of heeds what I say about the world at times. New world order stuff, disasters becoming more and more frequent. He says no way he would go for that one world order thing. If you don’t have Jesus, God, The Holy Spirit as your Savior, your eyes could be blinded and you will follow to the last day. Then you will realize who you denied and did not obey and repent your sins to, Jesus Christ, God made man who came in the world to save us. He promised in His word. He will come back to judge us according to our sins. (Revelation 20:11:15) If you believe??? Yours sins are covered by His blood shed on the cross. (Romans 3:25; Hebrews 2:17; 1 John 2:2; 1 John 4:10) He came to earth, born of a virgin by the Holy Spirit. (Matthew 1:23)

He was persecuted by His own because they thought their religion was supreme. They fasted, they gave to the poor supposedly, were holy, but inside they were full of dead man’s bones. (Matthew 23:27)

This life is not about you. It is about being His son or daughter, adopted into His family, His kingdom forever. You can know that with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind. You cannot be snatched out of His hands. (John 10:28) He is The Good Shepherd. We are His sheep and we hear His voice and we follow Him. If you don’t hear His voice, you can be sure your life does not belong to Him. (John 10:11-18) Nevertheless, you will lose your life anyway. (Matthew 16:25)

Who do you belong to eternally?

And there are also so many other things that Jesus did, which if they were written one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would be written. Amen. (John 21:24-25)

4 thoughts on “Does your life belong to Christ?

  1. This was really beautiful. You’ve come so far since you first wrote of your brother’s illness. My prayers are constantly with you, and I commend you for your strength and perseverance in this horrific time. Just sometimes, when alone with him, ask if you can pray the sinners prayer with him. It is so simple. Don’t miss that opportunity …for my daughter who is not bi-polar missed it when her father, (my ex) die in 2012 of cancer (a smoker). I have a salvation booklet on the right of the top bar with a sinner’s prayer. God bless you …Isn’t God wonderful? We couldn’t get through all our tests and trials without him. Love, blessings, prayers.

  2. Thank you so much for encouragement and prayers. My brother does not want to hear anything about the bible. He has his beliefs, as my mom also says, and I have mine. This is the standard response given. He got very angry once about proof that the first three chapters of Genesis are not a story tale. We are not sure of their names, (Adam and Eve) or there may be some evolution in there. We just don’t know as he believes as a catholic and they now teach. (Luke 3:38) My dad asked me to show him that one day. If my dad became a believer I never witnessed a change of heart. I believe people can hear until they die, medicated or not. I talked to my Aunt all night about the Lord.
    For He (God) says to Moses, “I will have mercy on whomever I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whomever I will have compassion.” (Romans 9:15) These verses are for unbelievers who may heed and read.
    God Bless! The Lord is wonderful. I would not be, and all are lost without Him.

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