Knowing the Lord is our strength.

Regardless of what we face, He is always there for us to turn to. In grief, in joy, whatever the trial. We must forgive ourselves and repent and ask forgiveness. That is because sin is still in us. I know I have shed many tears lately. I know He hears my prayers. I pray always according to His will.

We are with my brother and that is His grace upon our family. I took a leave from my job. I am able to do God’s work in this time of trial. That is what matters to me. I don’t have to go back home. I can stay and be with him.

He was transferred back to Harper in Detroit last night. He had edema in his legs. They believe he has a problem at the site of the gallbladder removal during his attempted whipple procedure. We are not completely sure yet. I see a big change in his spirit and faith. I am very happy to see that. I heard him say it doesn’t matter if the Lord takes him. He knows where he is going.

This wonderful blogger added to my strength today with His God inspired words.

Praise the Lord in everything.

Update they drained the fluid. He is more comfortable. The surgeon will be in Monday to reaccess.