We need prayer and more prayer through Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We must as Christians pray without ceasing. Our prayers should be first focused on the growth of His church. No separation in prayer and studying keeps us strong. His word spills into us the more we read. We have the discernment needed to face everyday one at a time. If I didn’t have the Lord I would fall apart. He is our strength forever. Praising and worshiping Him in all His Glory and Honor and with repentance always.

I have been talking with my other brother about signs in the world. He is not interested. He says what ever happens, does. He is going to live his life without worrying about anything. I am still going to do as the Lord has us do, plant those seeds.

This as you may or may not know is a time of the upcoming sleep in Christ of my other brother to pancreatic terminal cancer. He is still fighting the good fight. He doesn’t see it but, we do. I held his hand today but, he said he is not into touchy-feely right now. So I will back off. He is dealing with a lot knowing his time here is quite limited, as the doctors say. He has had more improvement that will lead to going home from the hospital. He is already very self-sufficient. As we know, no man wants to be babied. When my dad died in 2012 of the same disease, he told us not to coddle him. So we will do as he wishes. We have to work on mom she wants to do this and is hearing it from him and us. Yesterday she got quite angry and said I am not saying another word. She got over it, oh, it took a while. I went and bought her lunch to break the ice. It worked.

So I am praying along with my church and other Christians and for the will of the Lord in reducing his pain. I have His promise.  “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.” (Matthew 21:22); (Mark 11:24)

God bless everyone today in your prayers that you shall ask believing you shall receive. I pray for those who do not know Jesus. The Lord has mercy on whom He will have mercy. (Romans 9:14-16) Are you one who will have His Mercy?

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