Evil symbolism is all around you.

These are the prince of the air’s (satanic symbols) that are there to program you.

I give praise and honor to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

He saved me and I can see them and all satan’s work with those who have sold their souls for fame and, money, etc, which will perish with them.

Do not let yourself go down to the pit. Everyone will be held responsible for their choice. For you will serve one and hate the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

I turned on my computer and opened aol. Google popped up with all their worship. The triangle represents the devil in satanism. Pop up the symbols of their worship. You will find all the others there too. All the top people controlling our world know and use these symbols. All secret societies use them.

Google says royal your heart out, race your heart out, slash your heart out, party your heart out, blur your heart out and play your heart out. All have triangles in every pic. I tried to open it again, hmm. Then I logged out and into my aol mail sign in and there it is.

Look around you and fear the only God, Jesus Christ, The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Or you can continue to follow along and believe this is life and that is it. And poof you are in heaven. Just because you think you are good enough. No one is good enough. Only through God’s mercy on your soul and a true repentance of your sins will you see heaven. God knows all man’s hearts so there is no pretense. That is being born again as a child. A child that studies God’s Word and grows in faith with prayer and worship. Because He chose you. You are elect, in His kingdom, a people all His own.

Did you know that Constantine made Christmas the day of all pagan gods births? He added Jesus to the date and continued to worship his own gods. I really don’t believe Joseph and Mary traveled in the winter to Bethlehem.

Do a little research on your own. Don’t be lead down the wide path to destruction. Fear God and His wrath.

I am celebrating The Lord’s Mercy on me. What are you celebrating?


Ivar’s blog has truths that cannot be ignored.

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