We plant seeds and another waters them.

We all have family that we want to understand God’s free gift. Sadly it may never be. We are to take every opportunity to talk about Jesus. Then I realize most of the time I am talking to a wall. It breaks my heart to know that. I have known my husband and daughter have read my blog a long time. They have not been on it in a couple of weeks. I revealed to them I knew they have been reading it. I admitted I was teaching them about the Lord. I told my husband that he knows as much as he needs to believe the truth. They have been on my blog over seven hundred times since February 2012. He actually did not react angrily, which I did expect. He said he really didn’t care about the content. He just wanted to be sure I had not been raptured. My dad said that same thing to me one day when I was gone biking a very long time. I told my husband, believe me you will know when the rapture happens. People will be very happy to be rid of us annoying Christians. Anyway he said he will not read it again. I told him that is okay with me. He told me to go wild with the content that it is an intrusion on his part knowing that it’s totally private for all that share your belief. As usual my daughter does not talk to me unless she thanks me for something or says she is sorry her grandpa was sick or died or her Uncle Mark may also. He’s the boss and in control. I am oceans away and nine thousand miles from their hearts.

This is one excerpt from my last e-mail to him.

I have no wildness left in my flesh, but my heart and soul are alive and joyful that I know Jesus. He says whoever denies me, I will deny also. Every person will make that choice if they know it or not and will be held accountable. Another truth is God chooses who He wills and you can’t stop Him. If Nicole will belong to Him, or Chris or anyone else, yourself included, He chooses.

Why do I always feel guilty about this broken relationship? I know in my heart I could not have sustained my health under stress. I could have gone back and been right next door to God's eternal kingdom when it comes. I thought that thinking God must want me in the Middle East. That was before I was saved. Well that turned out not to be my destiny but, it is theirs at this time.

I did get a chance to pray with my Uncle again today. I reminded him about Jesus. I told him his time here was almost done. I explained as much as I could again about saving grace and for him to confess Jesus in his heart and He will confess him to the Father. I believe hearing is the last to go, but God only knows for sure.

The Lord told us there will be trials in life. I know with Him getting through them has been much easier now.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your
own understanding;
In all your ways
acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.
Proverbs 3:5

2 thoughts on “We plant seeds and another waters them.

  1. The outer man is always dying , but we who are immortal are becoming ever younger inside./ Sometimes I struggle with free will and wish God would make me be all that He wants and,of course, make my family accept Him and His ways. I just recall that He is not willing any to perish and loves them even more that I do. I appreciate your clear witness. Now it is the Holy Spirit’s turn to convict, so pray to that end and remember that He can talk to them in the midst of their busy lives and knock them off their high horse, as He did for Saul of Tarsus.

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