I never knew you; depart from Me!

The Lord is truly awesome. I have been wondering (I won’t know now) why in this generation of our family we have born again Christians. If we did in the past generations, His word would have come forward and been preached in our family. I learned about the Lord in catechism. I remember loving Him then. My mom even told me so. I knew nothing of a saving relationship with Christ. It hurts me so much to know the Catholic church doesn’t believe what they taught us all those years ago. That’s when knowledge of the Lord was revealed to me. We understood that much but, nothing of the total truth was taught. I have sorrow and hope that my father died knowing in his last hours. He was searching and did understand that Adam was mentioned in Luke as (a son of God) in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. I know he believed that much. He wanted me to show my brother where it is in the bible. My brother said that subject was closed because he was taught at a bible study in the last few years by a Catholic priest that we don’t know their names, It’s a story tale. We just don’t know for sure. That even evolution may have a part in us. It was also confirmed by the church priest where my mom goes. If I mention this a lot it is because it is so destructive.

As a lot of youth then and now, I stopped going to church at eighteen and went a few times in the years of my life. I went my way in the world. I prayed once in awhile, not often. I was in a bible study group at twenty-three and for awhile I followed the Lord reading the bible. I now know that I feared the devil, not God. He stole away my beginning of understanding, just as the bible says in the Parable of the Soils. (Matthew 13:1-13)

We know when we were spiritually transformed. We know the moment when He made our hearts ready to surrender because He predestined us to become one of His sons and daughters forever. (Ephesians 2-10; James 1:18; Romans 8:28-30) If you have not had that spiritual transformation in your life and fruit of the spirit because you are In Christ. You need to seek Him, as He first seeks us. He can make your heart ready. Only He will make that possible because He knows all men’s hearts. We must repent our sins and ask forgiveness, His death, blood on the cross, and resurrection, saves us to be with Him eternally. He tells us to preach to all people, because we do not and cannot know who His chosen are. Some say He is a mean God that would choose some for glory and some for destruction. I have had so many people tell me, “My God is not a mean God, My God loves everyone.” That is really true. He wishes no one to perish but, many will. They have made their own god, and will continue to do so. The bible tells us of those times of deceivers, who have always been throughout the generations, preaching a different false doctrine. They are angels of darkness marked out for destruction from the beginning. (Jude) Don’t be led (blind) to destruction by them, as many will. They believe in easy believism,  just say, Jesus is Savior and that is saving grace. You don’t need to surrender your life to Him.

Just as in the book of Job, even though God knew his heart, He gave satan, the power to do anything he wanted to him, except to kill him. The purpose was to make Job curse God. God questions him at the end of the book and Job repents. knowing God can do what He wills. The power belongs to God only. The rest of Job’s life was blessed and prosperous after all his suffering he loved and obeyed God and never even thought of cursing Him.

If you don’t want to know you can continue the path you are on. It is one of darkness. Because if you come to the light, (Jesus Christ) your sins will be revealed and you will surrender your life to Him.

We have sadness at the knowledge that some in our own families don’t want to hear. They think we are trying to convert them. We are disciples, those chosen who tell His truth that will set you free. That’s why you don’t want to hear. His own people hated Him and crucified Him according to the Father’s plan. Many are already saved from past generations and will be saved now and in the end, people of all nations. He made us a sacred people all His own, chosen to glorify Him forever. I don’t know about you but, the thought of groaning and gnashing my teeth in fire forever, separated from God, made me fear Him. You will know then you did make a choice and will have no excuse. (Isaiah 66-24; Mark 9:42-49; Matthew 18:1:11)

‘And then I will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ (Matthew 7:21-23)

And by the way just recently I have noticed after my last few blog posts, that certain people who read it all the time have stopped in the last week. Are you one of those who when convicted of the truth, goes their own way?

4 thoughts on “I never knew you; depart from Me!

  1. Keep on for the LORD knows who we are reaching and that sometimes has to be sufficient. He has obviously gifted you to write and if it pleases HIM then we are accomplishing something and I know HE is pleased with you. Keep on Praising the LORD for HE hears.

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