Will the One and Only True God let you hear the truth?

We spent the weekend at my sister’s house in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. We are all born again Christians, expect my mom and my other nephew who is out-of-town. She takes affront to whatever we talk about. Sadly I see her rejection. I feel her rejection of the truth. What brought about this was that the pope says we need to stop talking about certain issues. You can go to heaven regardless of repenting or not. We need to move on to other issues. Even though the bible says you must repent of your sins, he does not press those truths. The Lord chooses who He wills, all types of sinners, to whatever degree. In other words all those that are spiritually transformed, God gives grace (forgiveness to whom he chooses). We don’t know why one is chosen over another. We don’t even know who the chosen are before their conversions. That is why He sent His apostles on their mission to make disciples of all nations and people. I am a sinner that should never see anything but, hell. Yet He gave me mercy. Whatever your sins are the door is open to you to repent and trust Him to transform your life. He knows all men’s hearts from the beginning. The question is will you know Him? Are you a called, a chosen, an elect Christian? If you are you will be spiritually transformed no matter your sins.

The pope is meeting with a group of ten imams of France to promote religious tolerance on Wednesday. I am just stating what the pope said. He is with the help of other deceivers, trying to join the world into one world of joined religions all welcome to worship their gods together. It is already happening. I for the truth revealed by God’s word (the Bible) trust Him because His word is perfect and true. Anyone who says He is not God, worships the prince of this world, satan. You cannot seek God, He decides if you are made for destruction or for His glory. He who has ears, let him hear.