Witnessing the death of unbeliever.

One of my brother’s friends said he witnessed to his mom until the very end of her life. She died with a terrible look on her face. Even the nurses were alarmed. Maybe that meant at last she understood that God is our judge. I witnessed my dad’s death and it was peaceful, God only knows if he was born again those last hours. I also spoke to a man who said he knew the Lord. He really suffered he had colon cancer and it spread everywhere. When I first met him I asked him if he was at peace. He said yes. He was reminded those last hours to pray and let go and go home to the Lord. For Christians the sting of death is not fearful. We know that in a twinkle of an eye we will be with our Father in heaven. My pastor says every day, use your gifts the Lord has given you. We are all part of the body of the church and our gifts work together. They are not all the same, but all work as one in the body of the church.

So use your gifts everyday. We need not wait for someone who is dying. We need to talk to people about what is going on in this world. These are prophetic times. Things are not getting better. They are declining more and more. This world is not forever. We are forever souls. We go on forever in heaven or in hell. If you meet a Christian who is telling you about Jesus, don’t turn away. A Christian cannot convert you to their beliefs. Only God has that supernatural power. If  you have no bible based church, find one. It is important to have A Pastor that knows the word and preaches it.

“Verily, Verily I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God”. (John 3:3) Are you a born again Christian? You must repent of your sins and believe that Jesus took your atonement on the cross. You must become as a little child, learning the truth by reading God’s word. He said the truth will set you free. We have no other way of reaching heaven. It is only by His sovereign grace, that we have faith.

2 thoughts on “Witnessing the death of unbeliever.

  1. Amen! A former pastor use to say the only two things in this world that will last are people and the Word of God. What you said reminded me of him. We was and is a wonderful man of God, who was cured of cancer. He should have died, but God had mercy and healed him.

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