Believe and be saved!

Prayer is needed for all countries and all people. God has chosen His people from all nations. Every place the bible has been preached already has people who have by His grace, repented of their sins and have faith in Him as their Savior. The apostles were told to preach to the ends of the earth. That has continued through the centuries with more and more true believers. Not just people who believe Jesus lived. It is the chosen by God, drawn to His Only Begotten Son, Jesus. No one can come to the Son unless the Father draws him. And no one can come to the Father, without the Son. God is the only Almighty, Sovereign God, the I AM. He only can convert the human soul. Without Him there is no way to earn your way to heaven. We are all fallen, without any good thing in us and will never be good enough to enter heaven on our own. So whatever religion you are in as were the Pharisees, and Sadducees, you are like them. Their religion sent them to hell, because they could not believe. They belonged to their father, satan. They thought all their rules and laws were righteous and because they were better than others, they would surely go to heaven. They believed the poor, sick, and all others were all sinners, and they were that way because that is how God punished them in life.

Jesus did so many miracles, in front of them. They could not believe He was God. All they could see was He broke their rules and He could not be the Messiah. They hated Him and plotted to kill Him. The bible confirms all the truths about Jesus. If you have never read it. This is the time to ask for forgiveness and pray you will be saved, from the disasters coming upon this earth. No man can enter heaven on his own merit. To enter heaven you must be born again. Your heart and soul must be spiritually transformed by God the Father. You must believe the truth, that God Incarnate, Jesus Christ, was crucified, died and rose from the dead in three days and ascended into heaven, to sit at the right hand of the Father. He sent His Holy Spirit to His apostles and disciples to teach to all the truth. We do not know who He has chosen, but we do His work because we worship and adore Him. He has given us our gifts to be a light in the darkness to others.

You could get hit by a car, killed in an earthquake, a volcano could erupt, a flood from a hurricane, tornado, too much rain at one time, wars, rockets, nukes, etc. However you die, if you die without Jesus, you will be at the final white throne judgement with no excuse. We know there is one God, the Creator of everything, The God of the Bible, do you?

I remember very well the day He changed my heart and saved me. I was crying for there was nothing left for me to live for. I remember myself saying, Lord I cannot do it anymore. He drew me to that point, not me. I was broken and had nothing. From that day forward He has been with me, changing me, loving me, guiding me. We all know it is not an easy path to follow Christ. He tells us that also. The alternative, well you know what that entails, right? So pray from your heart, soul, mind and give all your burdens, repent your sins to Him. He will give you eternal life with Him. God no longer sees your sins because they are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. He died for all those that will believe.

If you say you have no religion, that is a religion. If you worship, icons, false gods made of wood, stone, gold, silver, or bronze, that is your religion. If you put any man on earth above your Father in heaven, that is a false religion, a false prophet. As since the beginning man was made to worship, but he has worshiped dead idols. Turn to the only living God of the bible. Amen!

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2 thoughts on “Believe and be saved!

  1. Very bad time for Syria. Without a doubt, time to pray!
    I can keep up with you now that you write every so often. 🙂
    Let me know when you can go out.
    I’ve decided to stop blogging again already. Don’t like the changes made since I was on last. This is a grumy website!

    • Someone was mean to you. We know that will always be. You should just delete them. I have had people do the same. I always write about God. A guy put, blah, blah, blah, once. So God sees what he wrote, I give it to Him. Our journals are for us, our testimonies. We are to disciple others every way we can. You should not stop. Just write occasionally. This week I am helping my aunt get ready for her garage sale. So we will get together soon. I have shorter hours now about 12 or so. Just what I prayed for.

      Our Father is always working, Amen!

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