Lord, we need more time for using our gifts.

I find myself slowed down on my devotion to the Lord. I praise Him for the job I have. I have looked a long time after my last fiasco. So far He is keeping me in check. I do hope things keep going well. One person at a time and I must be cool, chilled.

I am trying to do my volunteer work along with this. It just so happens the hours I am scheduled are not easy to get that done also. I do want to do more. I want to able to do His work daily. When I think harder there are just different ways now. A little bit of this and that. He knows what He is doing. It’s nothing to do with me. I am just His servant doing what He wills.

I praise Him so much for what He has done in my life. I was sure I would never function normally again. In that time of grief, He let me know that I would. Yes, there are miracles, I am one. So are you if you have been spiritually changed to become His forever.

Thank you Abba, Father, for gifts received, especially eternity with You.

Lord we pray for all the people and nations of the world.  For all our missionaries that are bringing the word far away. For all the people in countries with wars that are now learning the truth. Jesus, You are the only way. Amen!!! 


3 thoughts on “Lord, we need more time for using our gifts.

  1. I wondered if you had gotten a job since you weren’t blogging as much. Congratulations! Now you are also too busy to come to Midland or to do something together, too? Let me know.

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