Reminiscing, times with my daughter.

I have to tell this story. My daughter and I started traveling to Lebanon when she was thirteen months old. The first time we went as a family. All families know how hard it is initially to get a child used to traveling. She looked under the seat and saw feet but, became scared something else was under there. One time we had quite a layover and she was sleeping when boarding time came. In front of everyone, because she did not want to wake up, she threw a fit on the floor. I had lots to carry and she could walk then but, wouldn’t. A nice lady helped me with one of the bags, if I remember right. My daughter had her own bag that said, world traveler. Don’t get one, you end up trying to pull both and carry the kid and everything else. Another time we traveled through the Netherlands. Layovers there are eight to ten hours. She was playing in the kiddie area and some girl put the tail of her stuffed cat in her mouth. She was so upset. She always had this thing about kids playing with her toys and she would say, “Mom they’re going to drool on them.” She would watch them like a hawk and sure enough it would happen. We are talking when she was five or so and younger kids from rented flats in my in-laws building would visit or cousins. She was an only child until seven when her step-brother came to live with us. So she was spoiled. I admit it.

When my daughter was four years old, she went to her first summer camp in Lebanon. She was all excited when we visited and stayed the rest of the day. Her dad came later for a month’s vacation. Well, when he got there she started crying at the gate when we left her. She eventually got okay with it again. It was the first time she was away from us for a long period of time. She and I would travel every year in May, a month or so before my husband’s July vacation. We would return before school started. We went every single summer for ten years, before moving there in 2008, and she went to camp. They had all types of activities and she never said once I don’t want to go. The older she got the more fun she had.

Well, now my daughter is sixteen and she is a monitor of five to seven year-olds. I thank God for all the times we had together. I remember them with such joy. I think it is just wonderful that she is doing this and loving it. I am counting on God for his will in her life now. Only God converts the human soul. We are planters of seed (His Word), another waters (more of His Word). And God gives the increase (saves). (1 Corinthians 3:5-23)

The Lord, Jesus Christ is my shepherd. Who is yours?