All things work together for good to those who Love God!!!

Even in our little old town there is destruction. We had our finale of our vacation bible school in our church without electricity. The word of Lord was unquenchable. The church was still full with some children and families unable to be there. It was very exciting seeing all these children and what they took home to remember forever. We had several come to salvation. They strove to learn bible verses. Some accomplished bigger studying. The New Testament books in order backwards and forward. They could say all the names of the brothers of Joseph. Some were even missionaries bringing other children. One brought four friends and was missionary of 2013 excelling the last day over two others that brought three each, amazing.

Joseph was the brother that Jacob showed the most love to. The other ten step-brothers, wanted to kill him but, instead sold into him into slavery. His other brother was Benjamin who was three at the time of Joseph’s supposed death. Joseph became second over Pharaoh in his kingdom in Egypt. He was the Lord’s and the Lord was with him, to prosper him according to His purpose. Joseph’s whole family was eventually brought to Egypt and saved from the seven-year plague. Joseph told his brothers what they meant for evil the Lord used for good. You can read Joseph’s story in (Genesis 37:1-36; Genesis chapters: 39-50), a very amazing true story, as all the bible is God’s perfect word written down by men inspired by Him.

The bible verse was (Romans 8:28). The children learned it over the week and what it meant for their lives. Because God has a purpose for all of our lives. The verse reads: (All things work together for good to those who love God, who are the called according to His purpose). He compared the evils done to Joseph to the similar and worse things that happened to Jesus. Because what the devil and his children, the High Priest, Pharisees and Sadducees, Pilate, Herod and sinners meant for evil the Lord God, used for good. His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, took all of our sins upon Him to save His chosen according to His purpose.

Are you one of His chosen?

I felt a bit sad and selfish at the end because I had no children of my own hearing the truths presented. I was by myself and left soon after. I look at other families and see their togetherness and love and feel the hurt at my loss of my family. Romans 8-28 is one of my favorite verses. This is how the devil works. He wants me to feel alone, unimportant, because I am not a family and to stop me from going to my church. I know if I missed a few weeks, My Pastor and church family would contact me and not forget me and I would go back as I once did before. We have a true loving relationship because we truly are Christians that love our neighbors as God loves us, unconditionally. Pastor once told me I don’t feel uncomfortable if you cry here. You are not the first or will be the last. We are truly a church family. I am one without that family unit, but a member forever of God’s family, an adopted daughter, chosen according to His purpose for me…Amen!

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