No matter what trust in God.

Without God, through Jesus Christ, you have nothing. If you have not been converted by His Holy Spirit, you will endure terrible times that have never been seen before. Already, we see more and more tornadoes, earthquakes, wars. Jesus warned us these are the beginning of sorrows but, the end will not come yet.  Mark 13:1-37

My family is all in the center of it in Lebanon. Lebanon will be drawn into it also. All the countries around Israel are in uproars, wars, protesting, killing their own. Assad is using chemical weapons in Syria on his own people. Hezbollah is killing there. Assad will turn over his weapons when his regime falls, chemical weapons also to Hezbollah. Israel has already struck once to stop them. If you knew the God of the bible you would understand that the Jews are God’s chosen people. Jesus is a Jew from the tribe of Judah. He will return to save his people. All that are against Israel are cursed.

There will be more terrible times upon this earth for all unbelievers. You will lose your life one way or another. When Jesus came and died for us, he took all of our punishment for our sins. He defeated satan and his fallen angels. We that believe now without seeing will not be here for those last seven years. He chose us before the foundation of the earth to be His sons and daughters in Christ Jesus, through no merit of ourselves. He converts the human soul, nothing you do can get you to God on your own. You can never be good enough, never, because we are all fallen and do not seek God on our own. He and only He draws us to Jesus, to live with the Holy Spirit living in us and interceding for us. To bring us knowledge and truth that sets us free. In His words, the bible, which the foolish cannot understand. We have all we need to sustain us until He comes again in Glory.

Sorry you can’t choose on your own but, you can find out if you are chosen by, repenting today and turning your life over to Him. Otherwise, it belongs to satan, the prince of the world, who will be thrown into the bottomless pit forever, with all his demons, and all unbelievers.

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