I am starting to readjust from my pity party.

Well, I went for my three-month psychiatrist appointment. I told him what I have been dealing with trying to get a job and that I was having a hard time. So he upped one of my meds. I think it is working because I feel more relaxed. I also went to my job coach and she checked on my work history with the last company. They did not say anything about what had happened. We were both surprised it was not on my record (The Lord’s Will). They won’t take me back here. I called and they never called back, I understand. It really was just too much pressure for me working full-time.

I have my Lord’s work and my mom who is going to be eight-one this September. I do the yard and snow in the winter. I don’t mind at all. I just don’t want her doing things by herself, like climbing ladders, going in the attic. We had our issues last summer. She was working outside in ninety degree weather. I gave her the business, worrying about her. It did turn into a big blowup because other family was here for the weekend. It’s like they know it all. They are not here that much. She thinks she is invincible. I don’t want her falling and breaking a hip. She is in good shape for her age. She has to listen. We got bags of mulch the other day. She wanted to help me move them. The guy had put them in the van at store. So she kept trying to help unload them. We had this trolley and she is pushing it and I was pulling three bags. One fell off and down she went. I told her see how easy it can be to hurt yourself. So just maybe, she got it. I was worried about her shoulder. It took six months to get better the last time.

I caught up on my devotions, just yesterday from May. Things I should have read early in the month. I went away feeling useless for a bit. He made me feel loved and cared for. He knows what I am going through. No matter, He loves me and is waiting for me to let His will be done. I am listening to my bible on my MP3 and sermons. I need to pray more. He is hearing me I know. He always knows what we need.

Please, Lord next week, I hope and pray I get that home health care job. It’s what I need to be doing and making a little money. Please Lord, fix my low iron blood problem so I can give plasma again. Lord keep me in line with Your Will for me. Amen!

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