What Happened, my life was a vapor?

You are born and that is an intricate miracle of God’s creationism. It was not a big bang and we are here. If it was why was I in my mom’s womb for nine months? Why were Cain and Abel and Seth created that miracle way too? How were Adam and Eve created, God did it all. My conscience said all my life here that was true. Did I listen? No not until He said I could. Remember, He says that every man will be held accountable because we do have a free will to accept or reject.

Deep down you know there is One Almighty God Creator. You can deny that after a while He will let you go your own way to destruction. Don’t let your heart be hardened. What is going on in this world is not moral. We will be more accountable than the people who died in the flood and Sodom and Gomorrah. Not to mention all the cities he said woe to comparing them to Tyre and Sidon. Jesus cursed them because they did not believe the mighty works done in them. That He, Jesus was God’s only Begotten Son. (Matthew 11:20-24)

Your invitation to come to Jesus. (Matthew 11:25-29)

We will be more cursed than them. Why? Because we had the Bible and we know that Jesus was here. He was born like us, He lived, did miracles, preached His Father’s Kingdom. He was crucified and an innocent man along with two robbers one on His left and one on His right. One robber repented and the Roman centurion believed. (Luke 23:39-49) He died and was resurrected by God Almighty, His Father, our Father. He taught His apostles and disciples for forty days even after His resurrection. Jesus will return the same way He went up in the clouds. (Acts 1:1-9) And He said He will come back for us. John 14:1-31)

Tomorrow Tiger’s baseball Home Plate. Great gathering of born again Christians and Tiger testimonies. My first time with our church.


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