Find your gifts from the Lord.

Since being back in United States, many things have changed. I was very ill. I had to go through therapies, etc. As I was, the Lord walked with me, beside me always. He never left me. He always is there. He loved us so much that he came to earth became man, lived a perfect life and died and rose from the dead to appease our sins.(John 3:16) Many prophesies tell of his coming and returning. (Isaiah 11) Of ourselves it is impossible to go to heaven. With Him all is possible. (Matthew 19:26) Without Him we remain in our sins unless we believe and repent and give Him all. All of our, hearts, souls, minds and strength. That is how you must Love Him. (Matthew 22:37-38)

I find joy in the gifts He has given me, despite my trials in life… I meet many people and I am there in the Lord’s purpose for me. Seek and you will find Him and He will show you the way through His word. He knows all that are His in the world from the beginning of it to the end. (John 10:14)

Don’t let yourself be deceived by false religions. They are all ritualistic, of works, abominable to God. All the Lord’s prophets we killed by the priests, scribes and people, as prophesied throughout the Old Testament. Read the gospel of John. It tells the truth, as all of the Bible is God’s truth about how they plotted to kill Him. They could not believe because of their self-righteousness and they belonged to the devil. (John 8:42-59) The Lord wishes for none to perish, but sadly there will be many that do. (2 Peter 3:9)

Only He knows from the beginning where you will spend your eternity with Him, or apart from Him, eternity in hell. Hell is for real and it is beyond your greatest fears. Those who do not repent will suffer forever. Won’t you know today that you have no control over your destiny. It is your Father in heaven, who does. Fear the Lord who is in control, sovereign over all, the Creator of All.

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