It’s not about me.

It is not about me. I can say that because I am truly walking in the Lord’s light. If I start thinking of me than it’s back into the pity pit. I deserve nothing for what my life has been, a life of a sinner. I never could have lived a sinless life. The only God-man, Jesus Christ lead it for me. God sees us after we repent and follow Him, as sinless through the blood of Christ who died for all who will come to Him. (John 6:37); (Roman 8:1-2, 8:10-11); (Galatians 3:27); (1 Timothy 2:5)

I have had so much joy in my purpose with the Lord. Just being with the lonely, the sick, praying with them is boundless in joy. Some people have no family at all to be with them. Be it estrangement, or they are old and all alone. This is his gift for me, not of myself. It is hard watching people dying. You want to take their pain away. You even think if I were in their place I would be thankful to go, knowing I will be immediately with God. That is not yet what he wants for me. I was praying yesterday for someone in extreme pain. I asked the Lord if it is His will the man will go to heaven. I prayed for relief of his pain, right now it is endless. You can see him trying not to leave his body knowing the time is near. That is the sting of death. He fell asleep across his bed and I went to see someone else. I stopped back by before I left and he was still sleeping. The power of prayer is amazing because I know the man had not been able to rest.

So let us as one body of Christ keep in prayer for all of the sick, the dying, the persecuted for the Love of The Lord, for all our brothers and sisters, and all those not in Christ.

Today, our pastor was talking about the most common reason not to spread the Word of God. It is fear. We were asked to express reasons why we make excuses. Well pastor and I had a conversation last fall and I reminded him what he said to me. He said;  “I don’t think God would say because you have these mental disabilities that is any excuse not to share to word.” So there is no excuse when God presents that opportunity. What is our fear of, rejection, persecution and Jesus already told us that would be. (John 15:18)

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