Why are we here?

What if it were your last year, week, or day on earth? Would you be praying? Some people don’t even get that chance? They are gone before they ever come to faith in Jesus Christ. Why are we here? Is it just to live a life for success and money? Like we are going to take it with us. Our children can have it so maybe it’s a bit easier for them, right? I see one of my children struggling to make as much as he can for his girlfriend and kids. He is driving truck, and making good money. It’s the best job, blessing, because he has struggled much, in his life. I told him it is time to get right with the Lord. You need to first honor God and to lead your family. To get in a good Bible studying church. You have to search for that place. He says he knows but, he keeps procrastinating. So maybe he will never make that commitment, because the Lord hasn’t chosen him. I don’t know I only know the Lord has all the Power and Glory, beyond anything we can imagine. (Romans 8:28-30)

I meet people now all the time that know they are dying in advance. I try to talk to them, some are very receptive and at peace. Why? Because they know the Lord Jesus through the Bible. They have come to that broken place in their lives where they realize that God revealed Himself through Christ in Bible. They are saved and have salvation through Him. You can’t just say please Lord, in the end, after living for you, let me into heaven. Oh, don’t get me wrong for no one but, God knows what is in a man’s heart and soul. I am not the judge. (Ephesians 2:1-10)

I did watch my own dad die. He was struggling, knowing that sting of death was coming. I told him he needed Jesus but, he said that’s not what I need right now. He had listened all through the last year of his life, mostly rejecting. He even read scriptures I pointed out. He read the lineage in Matthew (1:1-17) and Luke (3:23-38) and understood. At the time, the catholic church had said they weren’t sure of Genesis 1-3 being but a story. Maybe their names were Adam and Eve. We are just not sure. We know it’s true from Abraham. So why does God says it’s all true and they don’t. (Matthew 5:18; Hebrews 4:12-13; Proverbs 30:5; 2 Timothy 3:16-17) Because they have added their own (man’s) interpretation. If part is not true, then all is not true. We have no Jesus and no hope of life eternal. Dad wasn’t saved at that time. We had to start morphine and let him stay asleep. My aunt and I stayed up all night talking about the Lord. So do I know, no.

I was reading to a friend from Matthew, nearing her time now. She was asleep, in and out. I asked her if she heard me reading. She said no. I think different or I hope different that her soul heard when I was reading about the Lord. She agrees with what I say at times but, I still am not the judge. There is only one judge, God the Almighty. I have read the Bible and His words are not foolishness to me. Why would you not want to have a deep relationship with God? No priest or man can judge you or forgive your sins. When Jesus died for us on the cross we are allowed to talk through Him to God. He is who took our sins fully on the cross, once and for all for his sheep chosen by the Father. Old Testament sacrifices were done over and over because of sin. We were given a new covenant through Jesus Christ because the high priests and people did not believe He was God made man. They had the Old Testament with all the prophets words telling them of Christ. They did not believe, also God’s plan for them. They believed the religion of works and rituals were pleasing to God. They did not know Him. If they did they would have Loved Jesus and the Father also. Why are some chosen and some not? You will be asking your maker one day anyway you think about it.

2 thoughts on “Why are we here?

  1. When I come to die,
    O when I come to die,
    And when I come to die,
    Give me Jesus,
    Give me Jesus,
    Give me Jesus,
    You can have the whole world,
    But give me Jesus.

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