Lord thank you.

Lord, I thank you for the beautiful fellowships I have had through your work. The last two friends I knew almost a year. I got to know about their lives. One is still here but, she will be with you soon, I pray. Only You truly know a man’s, woman’s heart. I got to spend time with them, listening. I truly enjoyed being there. I know it was a blessing for me. It is hard to see loved ones leave this life. The special thing about all Christians is we will see them again in heaven. Are you sure you are going to heaven? You need a sincere repentance with your whole heart, soul, strength and mind in Jesus Christ. All that the Father has given will come. Are you a lost sheep or have you been found? From eternity past he chose those that would be with Him for eternity. I thank you Lord God for my salvation every day. Without Jesus Christ we are lost forever and bound for darkness and pain and suffering away from God.

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