With the Lord we are lights to this world

I know that the Lord has changed my life. I know I don’t go the destructive ways I used to anymore. That is because he loves me and will never leave me. I remember crying so hard knowing that my life was over as I knew it. I said Lord, there nothing more I can do. I do know at that moment I was His. I struggled in my mental illness. It took a long time for me to recover. In that time I read His Word and prayed. My brother a born again Christian, gave me the large print MacArthur Bible for Christmas in 2010. He knew my eye sight was effected from Invega that I had been on. Anyway without knowing the pill should not be cut in half it caused all kinds of bad side effects. I remember the day my then 14 yr-old discovered the error. I was so relieved to know I would get off it and start to recover. It was however too late for my family though because I had been so out of it and I did unforgivable things, most I don’t remember.

I know now that was God’s purpose, His way to bring me to Him. It did take a long time getting well. Through His Word I grew to trust in His purpose for me. He leads me through every day of my life. I have had trials still but, I move through them knowing I am not without Him ever. The love He gives us is love for others. We forget about our own troubles and give. It is an unselfish love, the (Holy Spirit of God) dwells within us. He chose his own to be those lights to the world.

We look to eternity with Him knowing we will never be without Him, worshiping and loving Him knowing,

He is  omnipotent. Rev 19:5-7,

He is the way, the truth, the life. John 14:5-7

The I am. Rev 1:8.

He is God in three persons. God to draw us to His only begotten son, Jesus (God made man) and because we believe without seeing we receive His helper the (Holy Spirit). Once this happens we can never be snatched from His hands. John 10:28

We are born a child of God and we must grow in our knowledge of Him through His Word.

The true and perfect Word without error. Psalms 18:31-33

I thank him every day for keeping me from dying physically, eternally before He saved me. He knows all man’s hearts and He knows us before we were ever born. That is we would belong to Him. We have willingly given up our earthly lives for His heavenly Kingdom because the other is for unbelievers, those that don’t turn and repent. Those that are not of his flock, his chosen. Are you one of his lost sheep that will be found? The Bible says there is much rejoicing over one sheep that is found than ninety-nine that are not.

Parable of the Lost Sheep. Luke 15:1-31,  Matthew 18:12-14

I am the truth, the way, the life. John 14:5-7

I am the Good Shepherd. John 10:1-21

The Lord the Shepherd of His people. Psalm 23