God’s Sovereignty covers all.

If you think you are in control of your life you are not. If you think the presidential election was in the control of the people it wasn’t. If you think these terrorists and deniers of God are in control they are not. If you think creation was created by itself it wasn’t. It’s God’s sovereignty, his creation. How can you look around and see everything in such perfect order? Before a man is his desire to be his own god. Man wanting to believe he is his own ruler over his life. Even by all the  knowledge of man this world is passing away and messed up. Yes there are earthquakes, hurricanes, floods by earth’s causes and disasters man-made and hate and wars, evildoers. There was nothing lacking in the paradise Adam and Eve were given. Yet they were deceived to believe God was not sovereign. I have seen because he let me that he is sovereign over my life and I give it wholly to him. Because if I did not I would go where no one ever wants to go. There is a Heaven and there is a hell. If you go to hell before the second coming (die without true repentance and obedience to our one and only God, through Jesus Christ), you will be at the throne of judgement and cast into the eternal pit of fire without God. You will know his sovereignty then. Even if you should be alive at his second coming and not believe the only way to God is through Jesus Christ, his only begotten Son. The same will happen to you then. There is inside everyone a light (conscience) that knows there is our One and Only God. When you stand at judgement and deny you didn’t know, you did make a choice. Because all around us is his creation from the beginning. Denying God is hellfire for eternity. Your conscience given by him inside tells you. He is there and was and always will be God, for eternal life in heaven or eternity in hell.

So be your own god of your riches here or other gods, or paganism, or all kinds of idols and religions that do not honor our God. Repent to the one and only Sovereign God. Amen. I pray for all, heeding His Word (The Bible) and not heeding.