We SEE Rumors of war, war and great disasters.

As born again Christians we know the things happening are what the Lord Jesus said in the Gospels. Don’t let your heart be troubled. These things will happen and then the end will come. Do not trust in this world, be not of this world because this world will fade away.

If you have never read the Bible you should. How can anyone look around this universe and believe it just evolved? God is perfect and created a perfect universe. Then Adam and Eve through the deception of satan fell from God’s Grace. We have that grace freely given to us to embrace. Jesus says he will by no means close the door to those who will come to him. Can you come or can you wait until you see worse? People around me just poo hoo what is happening. Because of our eyes being opened by the Lord we know these are indications for what is to come. We do not and no one knows when the end will come. I only see the true picture of what is happening because his mercy upon me and other born again Christians. God’s wrath will come on this world. God says so in His Word. You can believe now or see what happens to those who do not and be on the wide road to destruction. I am striving to enter the narrow gate. What about you are you doing the Lord’s work or your own?

New Testament, Mark Chapter 13

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