Thank you Lord for the time I had there. Update: still do.

Brian’s House is Closing. It is a care facility for patients in their last days of life. Brian’s’ House offered very loving care for patients and families alike. Our co-ordinator had many years there. She had the most volunteers in the state. So what now? No more visiting nurses care at home. No more volunteers to just sit and give the families a break. All will now have to go back to the hospitals or to nursing homes. This was a wonderful option for those in end of life care. I know my dad was taken care of wonderfully at home. I have only been involved less than a year.

I feel I have an idea what is next. Maybe they will be closing all the free clinics for the mentally ill, not to mention all the residential homes that take care of people with many needs. Are we going to end up in the street? I know the Lord sees all these things. Man has truly taken good care of all the needy. Blessed are the poor in spirit (not just financially poor). The very rich and (unbelievers, righteous in their own eyes) don’t feel it now but, they do have their comforts at the moment. Are we nearing the end times? Don’t wait until that last-minute to trust in the Lord Jesus. Because it is true all hell will break loose. Once he takes his people out of here evil will flourish. I give him the praise and glory that I won’t be here. What about you? His Mercy is offered freely to all that call upon his name.

Lord Jesus, come quickly. Amen

Update:  The hospice home care will continue. We will still be volunteers. We all hope and pray they can do something with the facility though. It is truly a beautiful place. We will see, the community is pulling together.

2 thoughts on “Thank you Lord for the time I had there. Update: still do.

  1. Are they closing cuz they are losing funds? It’s going to be dismissible as more and more funds are cut to balance the budget. This is only the beginning. It going to get real ugly.

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