Parents you really need to watch what your kids are listening to to.

My daughter has a new favorite band. She sent me a link wanting me to buy shirts, etc for her. The first thing I thought was thank the Lord, she is listening to Christian music. She says they are a Christian band. One look I knew that was not true. I also read the lyrics. Nothing about love and God there. Please parents be very aware. The deceiver gets our children at a very young age at times. I am so happy with my church that is doing vacation Bible school. We have had several children that have come to know the Lord this week. Don’t allow your child’s heart to be hardened. I pray the Lord has hands on my daughter to bring her out of the dark. So many teens are being deceived by false religious movements and music claiming to be of God.

Her new idol band has hateful lyrics and skulls on shirts. You don’t need the name of the band. Just look there are many out there. There is a good CD, called: “They sold their souls for rock and roll” on Cross TV.

Parents be vigil, in Jesus’s name we pray…  CrossTV/Mark Kielar videos.