Feeling a bit down.

Well it has been a long weekend into Monday three weeks in a row and will be again including this week through the weekend, unless I am let go. The Lord knows what I have been through. That’s what matters. I won’t go into detail. I guess it is natural for things to well up on us, all christians, people. I know that he (Jesus) promises that our trials work together for us to grow. I don’t doubt that. I just have a hard time with things I do on accident. I mean at my job. It has been very trying lately and I don’t want to lose this job. I really believe it’s where God wants me. Anyway, Thank you Lord either way. I depend on you to guide me. I count on Roman 8:28-30. I trust you to do what is best for me.

With All, my Love, my Heart, my Soul, my Strength and (pain in my Brain sometimes for not functioning properly). My ex-therapist says I am not supposed to own that part. Well that one is tough when it flairs up.

I Must Trust in everything. Amen! Lord Jesus in you all is possible.

Update: My prayer was granted!!!

2 thoughts on “Feeling a bit down.

    • hi there,…i want you to know to know that i “offer” what i have to share here in the kindest possible way. and in a hopefully encouraging and faith strengthening way. you do not voice all of your heavy things over the last three weeks, so i want you to know that i am not being presumptuous. ok???

      but, what grabbed we that you wrote something that really caught my eye!

      you said,….The Lord knows what I have been through. That’s what matters. I won’t go into detail. I guess it is “NATURAL” for things to “WELL UP” on us, all christians, people.

      natural,…could be seen as “normal???”

      well up,…could be seen as “build up, and or, stack up???”

      both of those have to with “gravity” which is a “natural law”, correct???

      on the cross, gravity is what ultimately killed jesus. he had the “weight of the world” (built up and stacked up) upon his shoulders. as what is “natural and normal”,…was “pulling” him downward, then, whatever other stuff that was “stacked up” on him, “pushed” him down………

      through faith, my aspergers actually can make sense because there is an invisible order which comes through “trusting”,…but we must really see what “trusting” truly means. and then, “do” what is told to us because of trusting.

      in my life,…when things try to well up, build up, or stack up on me,…i make sure to give those things to God. the way i “give” them to God is,…i do not let them “block or impede” me from the daily necessity of “truly growing in my faith and relationship with God, through Jesus.

      we many times, carry our recent “troublesome experiences”, as our personal baggage. in doing so,…we put the weight upon ourselves. you see,…this is “natural” for us to do,…as humans.

      but we, as christians, walking by “faith, and not by sight”,…then (can when we choose to trust) walk in the “spiritual realm”…walking spiritually, we,…rise above the weighing troubles and cares of this life.

      there are always going to be the problematic things that life can “offer” us to hang on to. yesterday is “not for us” to hold on to. jesus says his yoke is easy,…and his burden is light.

      you ever heard the term “light weight???” it means, we have the ability to rise above. but,…we can not hold on to weight of yesterday to do so. many times our “trials” last for a while, because we haven’t practiced what, in faith, we should, and, what we need to. (not always, but sometimes,…i have learned this by my own experience),…….

      when we stop in our tracks,….laugh at our self,….re focus on jesus,…..then we see how quickly and easily that the past is the past,……when we “let it” be.

      i hope you may find some little helpful somethin in what i just shared,…have a great evening!!!!

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