Does the Bible, God’s Word teach predestination, election?

I have realized that this is a point that some Christians don’t agree on and never will. I realize it is hard to understand. Does Jesus not say “All that the Father has given me will come.”  I know my sheep and they know me. Many Bible verses reference this. Romans 8:28-30 for one. Yesterday we were speaking of (Cain) and Abel who had a second chance to follow God’s ways. He did reject and killed his brother. I think for most people predestination, election are hard to realize. I don’t mean that I know who is elect or not. I am just saying by God’s own words “He lets them go their own way if they do not come. In this aspect we must witness to all because we have no idea who will come and we are not the judge. We can however see if someone lives the Lord’s Way with a changed heart and fruits of the spirit.

I can say myself that there is no way I could have ever chose him. He chose me. I chose in the 80’s and it did not last. There was no long-term change as now. Please if any would like to weigh in on this one, please do.

Your sister in Christ Jesus.