I am following two of the Lord’s amazing families of missionaries.

I was captivated by what they have done in the Lord. It is nothing for themselves. It is all for him. The Pierces spent 28 years in Ghana building and growing the church of the Lord. A local young converted christian gentleman went to missionary school and became the pastor. When all the Lord had them do was complete they came back. Now through their beliefs, they are going to Brazil with the same mission. We know that their mission will not be easy. Lord we pray that you will give them the support they need. In your name Jesus we pray. Read their story. If you decide to support you can go through paypal and designate to the Pierces mission.



Also truly inspiring are the Eversons.  Brother Ben, is an amazing singer and artist for the Lord. He is learning spanish so that he is able to reach the people in their own language. In fact, he has a gentleman that will teach him spanish if he teaches him music ministry. I have not met his wife yet, but she sings also. At the time of his visit to our church, his family was coming back from Mexico. We all know Mexico is a very dangerous country. They will still be going back soon also. Support and prayers are needed for their mission also. Ben has several wonderful cd’s praising the Lord available. So you may support many ways.


God Bless us All in all our missions. Because we all have our own!




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