Living for the Lord. There is nothing else!

I know as only a few, truly there is nothing else. He has his purpose for all of us. You could die tomorrow and if you are not born again, you will not see his kingdom. John 3:3 I hope someone really hears this today. I have heard pastors  say it may not be today, tomorrow but  thousands of times before someone’s eyes are opened by the Lord. We born-again Christians must still spread that truth. We can’t be afraid of trying to witness. We back off, we try again. There is nothing else to do. We must always be a bright light even if it is offensive. It doesn’t even take words to do that. I had to stop going to a place early in my recovery because people wanted to talk to me about my faith in the Lord. It was the best I could do. Other Christians left too. We were not wanted. I do stop in occasionally and the same bright light is offensive. So preach The Word, Live The Word. It doesn’t matter to them either way. I am not saying stuff it down someone’s throat but, really we are trying to pull them out of the fire. It really is that desperate for them.

How can you deny his existence. Look around the sky, the earth, the world all created by him, us, everything, in his perfect order . Genesis 1-3 is not a story-tale people. The Word begins at the beginning. It was first with him (God) and then the Word was made flesh (Jesus), then the (Holy Spirit) guides us through His Word (The Bible).

Your Sister in Christ Jesus

Thank you Lord for choosing me a sinner you had repent. There is no way to earn Heaven. You must get on your knees and repent and humble yourself.

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