If you think you are not cussing, you are wrong.

How many times a day are you using God’s name in a trivial manner? Oh, but he does mind. I get so upset to hear this day in and day out. I try to explain  that this not a simple little thing you do. It is huge. You are in the habit of using the Lord’s name like slang. It’s a bad habit that needs to be broken. It is not just for you but, for me too. I hear it. It gets said in my mind. My soul aches to hear you do this knowing that you are storing up The Wrath Of God upon yourself. Please stop, I truly pray you will. God is not watching TV, soap operas, baseball, football, the news and okaying your words of expression involving him. This is a bad habit. You need to break it like you have others that offend me. If you were a born again Christian, it would not take too long to have a cure. I pray you can understand. Praising and swearing come out of the same mouth. Romans 3:9-20

Just think about what you are saying. Think about those who are around you having to be exposed to these words. Oh, that my ears did not have to hear this. I can’t block it out. It is day in day out. I can’t count the times it is said. Don’t use Our Lord’s Name In Vain. Please Honor and Worship Him Only.

In Your Name Jesus Christ I pray for all sinning this way…and any other. Come to the Lord. He Can Only Save Your Soul. You need to trust him, repent to him, give your life to Him. That’s the only way your name is in the Book Of Life. He chooses, are you in there. I pray it is true.