Feeling a bit down.

Well it has been a long weekend into Monday three weeks in a row and will be again including this week through the weekend, unless I am let go. The Lord knows what I have been through. That’s what matters. I won’t go into detail. I guess it is natural for things to well up on us, all christians, people. I know that he (Jesus) promises that our trials work together for us to grow. I don’t doubt that. I just have a hard time with things I do on accident. I mean at my job. It has been very trying lately and I don’t want to lose this job. I really believe it’s where God wants me. Anyway, Thank you Lord either way. I depend on you to guide me. I count on Roman 8:28-30. I trust you to do what is best for me.

With All, my Love, my Heart, my Soul, my Strength and (pain in my Brain sometimes for not functioning properly). My ex-therapist says I am not supposed to own that part. Well that one is tough when it flairs up.

I Must Trust in everything. Amen! Lord Jesus in you all is possible.

Update: My prayer was granted!!!

Does the Bible, God’s Word teach predestination, election?

I have realized that this is a point that some Christians don’t agree on and never will. I realize it is hard to understand. Does Jesus not say “All that the Father has given me will come.”  I know my sheep and they know me. Many Bible verses reference this. Romans 8:28-30 for one. Yesterday we were speaking of (Cain) and Abel who had a second chance to follow God’s ways. He did reject and killed his brother. I think for most people predestination, election are hard to realize. I don’t mean that I know who is elect or not. I am just saying by God’s own words “He lets them go their own way if they do not come. In this aspect we must witness to all because we have no idea who will come and we are not the judge. We can however see if someone lives the Lord’s Way with a changed heart and fruits of the spirit.

I can say myself that there is no way I could have ever chose him. He chose me. I chose in the 80’s and it did not last. There was no long-term change as now. Please if any would like to weigh in on this one, please do.

Your sister in Christ Jesus.

I am following two of the Lord’s amazing families of missionaries.

I was captivated by what they have done in the Lord. It is nothing for themselves. It is all for him. The Pierces spent 28 years in Ghana building and growing the church of the Lord. A local young converted christian gentleman went to missionary school and became the pastor. When all the Lord had them do was complete they came back. Now through their beliefs, they are going to Brazil with the same mission. We know that their mission will not be easy. Lord we pray that you will give them the support they need. In your name Jesus we pray. Read their story. If you decide to support you can go through paypal and designate to the Pierces mission.



Also truly inspiring are the Eversons.  Brother Ben, is an amazing singer and artist for the Lord. He is learning spanish so that he is able to reach the people in their own language. In fact, he has a gentleman that will teach him spanish if he teaches him music ministry. I have not met his wife yet, but she sings also. At the time of his visit to our church, his family was coming back from Mexico. We all know Mexico is a very dangerous country. They will still be going back soon also. Support and prayers are needed for their mission also. Ben has several wonderful cd’s praising the Lord available. So you may support many ways.


God Bless us All in all our missions. Because we all have our own!




Living for the Lord. There is nothing else!

I know as only a few, truly there is nothing else. He has his purpose for all of us. You could die tomorrow and if you are not born again, you will not see his kingdom. John 3:3 I hope someone really hears this today. I have heard pastors  say it may not be today, tomorrow but  thousands of times before someone’s eyes are opened by the Lord. We born-again Christians must still spread that truth. We can’t be afraid of trying to witness. We back off, we try again. There is nothing else to do. We must always be a bright light even if it is offensive. It doesn’t even take words to do that. I had to stop going to a place early in my recovery because people wanted to talk to me about my faith in the Lord. It was the best I could do. Other Christians left too. We were not wanted. I do stop in occasionally and the same bright light is offensive. So preach The Word, Live The Word. It doesn’t matter to them either way. I am not saying stuff it down someone’s throat but, really we are trying to pull them out of the fire. It really is that desperate for them.

How can you deny his existence. Look around the sky, the earth, the world all created by him, us, everything, in his perfect order . Genesis 1-3 is not a story-tale people. The Word begins at the beginning. It was first with him (God) and then the Word was made flesh (Jesus), then the (Holy Spirit) guides us through His Word (The Bible).

Your Sister in Christ Jesus

Thank you Lord for choosing me a sinner you had repent. There is no way to earn Heaven. You must get on your knees and repent and humble yourself.

If you think you are not cussing, you are wrong.

How many times a day are you using God’s name in a trivial manner? Oh, but he does mind. I get so upset to hear this day in and day out. I try to explain  that this not a simple little thing you do. It is huge. You are in the habit of using the Lord’s name like slang. It’s a bad habit that needs to be broken. It is not just for you but, for me too. I hear it. It gets said in my mind. My soul aches to hear you do this knowing that you are storing up The Wrath Of God upon yourself. Please stop, I truly pray you will. God is not watching TV, soap operas, baseball, football, the news and okaying your words of expression involving him. This is a bad habit. You need to break it like you have others that offend me. If you were a born again Christian, it would not take too long to have a cure. I pray you can understand. Praising and swearing come out of the same mouth. Romans 3:9-20

Just think about what you are saying. Think about those who are around you having to be exposed to these words. Oh, that my ears did not have to hear this. I can’t block it out. It is day in day out. I can’t count the times it is said. Don’t use Our Lord’s Name In Vain. Please Honor and Worship Him Only.

In Your Name Jesus Christ I pray for all sinning this way…and any other. Come to the Lord. He Can Only Save Your Soul. You need to trust him, repent to him, give your life to Him. That’s the only way your name is in the Book Of Life. He chooses, are you in there. I pray it is true.