Ever want to scream your way out of a dream?

I know that happened to me last night. I am not sure what made me want to scream now. I know that I tried. It was a conglomerate of things that happened in my life, but they happened a bit different. I was arrested for accidentally going on government property (no never happened). A friend got arrested with me. We were being sent to Florida from where I don’t know. Other people arrived we had to switch vans or planes. I am not sure which. It ended up too many people for a van. I knew I would be gone a long time. Really I just made a mistake and made a wrong turn. A couple of celebrities, were speaking to us offenders. They were previous law offenders with testimonies. Among us were three prostitutes. One friend I know with palsy who wanted to lose weight. It was very weird. I do have very weird dreams. I have all my life…

I was afraid but, I woke up saying, wow just a dream. I wonder if I did scream. It seemed like I did. Well I am glad to have the grace (mercy) of My Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ on my life, soul. I give him all my Heart, Soul and Strength and Love. Matthew 22:37 I thought if that really happened I would stop eating. I would stop taking my meds (show them what bipolar mania is really like). Just be totally uncooperative. It wouldn’t work though, they can inject drugs and IV me. So I would be cooperative. Lord, come quickly. I am waiting in this place I don’t belong. I pray this doesn’t happen but could it? Yes, anything can happen in the realm of the liar, the murder. John 8:42-59 You cannot serve both God and Mammon. Matthew 6:24 Which is it, choice now. Later maybe?


2 thoughts on “Ever want to scream your way out of a dream?

  1. I get this bad dream stuff. It’s goes with post traumatic stress. I always wake up after this dreams saying, It’s only just a dream, only just a dream.
    We are so alike it’s scarey. 🙂

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