Where are you at in your life?

Are you at rock bottom? I am, I was, I will always be. I mean that according to God’s Word we are all worthless. Only when he says we belong to him do we have worth to him. I used to care what others thought of me. It used to be the hardest thing to take criticism. Now I feel I can just let it go without anger. It is like why should I get angry about what they think? They have to be dealt with in the Lord’s time. I cannot judge them. Some are already judged. The problem for me is telling others what someone did to me. I am gossiping and need to let that one be taken care of too. I need to understand that everyone is created the way, he did it. I can’t change anyone. I just have to deal with it and let it flow into the background of my new life in Jesus. I do have to talk about it though in therapy. She asked if I was doing anything wrong in living my life? I said no but I was being gone too much. I was doing God’s work and always will. I had to find a happy medium for all of us (the family). It is my responsibility, the Lord put me here. So I have to remember that. I was here to be converted by him at the biggest lowest low of my life. I was broken many times. I started over many times without anything. This time he made me realize, he was all I had. I had nowhere to turn. It was death or life. He chose life for me for his own purpose. A purpose being fulfilled by him being every day. I have come to love his purpose for me. It is truly rewarding to not be off sinning purposely everyday. Instead I do feel a relief because I know I am obeying his purpose for me. Nothing is easy here, not anything. Just watching this world going down the tubes, disasters and wars, killing people to take over what, the world? I pray for all of them that God will open their eyes. Prayer does make a difference. Your personal relationship with the only God is the only way through Jesus Christ the only Savior. All this other stuff is superficial. You may not think the Bible is true. It is however, the best seller of all time. So do some people (God’s chosen people) have it wrong and you are right. We are the people who did not see Jesus in the flesh. We read every word about his suffering and death. Pray that you can know the truth. Pray that your eyes will not stay blind, pray that he will let you be able to read the truth. His Word flows off the pages to those who are chosen to see. That can be you. Don’t you just really need to satisfy that curiosity of what if? I searched before at a younger age. He did not call me until now. Because he knows the date and the time for everything always. If you read His Word and understand, it is all spelled out, everything. You cannot pick and choose what is true and what is not. Every word is true. You may not like it but, he states many times His Word is perfect and true. God the only God does not lie. The liar is the prince of darkness who deceives many some forever into eternity.

God blesses those who do his will for Him. I am a testimony, you are a testimony for that. From certain death with my mental illnesses. From not living to life in him. To a repairing of my marriage, slowly but surely. He does it not me. I gave it to him he has worked wonders. My life is his life. I lost it to gain it.

7 thoughts on “Where are you at in your life?

  1. remember that God doesn’t want anyone to perish, he gave his son to die for our sins, so I think He thought us more than just “worthless” to start with. He chose us first, before we chose Him. Be careful to not look at Christianity as total helplessness and worthlessness. He made you from the beginning remember? He has always had a purpose for us ever since he created man. He just waits for us to accept it.

    • He says in His Word that no one seeks him. Romans 3:10-20. That is correct that he does not want anyone to perish. I don’t know about you but, this made me feel worthless in his eyes. He does call those to him that are given through Jesus Christ (his only begotten son, God made man). That is why there are vessels for destruction and vessels for his honor. Only a few will be saved. That’s why we strive to enter the narrow gate and without him it’s the wide one. He told this to his apostles and they told us through His Word. There is nothing good in us. We are depraved and that keeps me humble.

  2. I have the same problem being honest with people about what’s happening with me. If I spill my guts, what then? Will they reject me? Spread gossip about me? Tell me I’m wrong to feel like I do?
    Cheryl, I want you to know this makes me love you more. You’re my sister. I love you in Jesus Christ. I’m so glad we became friends.
    You wanta try and do lunch again? I’d like that.

    • We can love God and spread his word through our testimonies. He does save the poor in spirit. The sinners that realize because he allows them to that we were always looking for that unconditional love. Rejection of this world is what brought (me) us to our knees, but no more. We have strength in him forever. T, W, Th next week you choose.

      Love you too my sister in Christ Jesus.

      • Probably Wednesday will work. J’s at work and gotta check schedules w/ him. Will get back w/ you. 🙂

  3. Thanks for writing this. It is the LORD who saves, not us. We are just vessels of knowledge to be given to a dieing world. As it has been pressed home to me, especially today, HE only wants those who come willingly, expecting nothing, but what HE promised, namely Salvation. I am reminded of when Israel came out of Egypt and they were to build the Tabernacle. GOD told them that HE only wanted what was given by free will. We all suffer and some more than most, but I’m reminded of a line from a movie called Return to Me. It is those with the most character that suffer the most. We suffer and GOD give us the Grace to endure. The rewards are great, not necessarily here, but later. These momentary light afflictions. Thanks for your testimony, my prayer is that it will help others to get through.

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