The Joy of Giving because you know the Lord and He knows you?

There are so many ways to give. You can give a helping hand. You can say a word of encouragement. You can hold someone’s hand when they are passing from here. You can help the family of those dying just by stepping in for an hour or so. You will realize how much the Lord blesses you in return. Go see an older widow or widower or a friend or acquaintance. Just sit and visit and listen. You can support with monetary donations many organizations and churches. How long does it take? How long did our Lord suffer and die for us? He endured the worst, for us so we could be with him eternally. He died on the cross, and rose again to defeat death once and for all. We do not have to die twice. Revelation 20:14-15 The first death is but a sting. The second is to eternal darkness and suffering. You may think you have made a choice for the Lord. Examine yourself are you showing love and care for your neighbor? Who is your neighbor? All people of all nations. Are you praying daily and do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior? Do you read and understand your Bible or is it just foolishness to you? Do you know for sure you are going to heaven? If you don’t then you better find out why you don’t know. Nothing of ourselves can save us. We are born total sinners until his blood covers our sins. You must take up your cross daily and serve others anyway you can. Do not do this for the world to see for your recognition. Do it in secret. Don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. Because if you have not the love for others from our Lord and for him, you are just clanging cymbals in the wind. Be repentant. Humble yourself before him. Look around he created this earth, universe and everything in it. You can deny it all you want. One day he will return. He has promised that. John 14:1-21 Then every knee will bow and every one will know” He is Lord!”

Jesus is our King of Kings, Lord of Lords, The Almighty God from the beginning and forever…..everlasting eternity…The other everlasting eternity is in the pit of fire and brimstone…forever. Revelation 20:11-15 No choice is a choice. So everyone inside has made that choice regardless if they believe they have or not. You can know where you will spend eternity. Get on your knees and ask for his mercy. What have you to lose, your soul and you will lose it anyway. Because whoever will not give his life for Jesus will lose it.

Read the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You will want to read more. If you are a chosen child of God. Find out today, tomorrow may be too late.

Amen Lord, Come quickly!

Now, I saw a new heaven and new earth…. Revelation 21-1-8

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