Good Friday in our community of Christians.

We had seven Christian churches and pastors come together. The messages from each one were very powerful. Our pastor’s sermon was always as with great witness. Every week his message includes, all of us are sinners, all of us fall short, all of us cannot just go to church and be saved. We came together and praised God with our voices in song. It was beautiful for Our Lord to behold his glory in his vessels chosen to honor him. Romans 9:21-24 Around the world many other churches in faith did the same. We are just a small part of God’s Church. We must have the total and complete transformation through faith in God’s grace to be saved. Especially, when we as Jesus, must take up our cross every day and follow him. If you don’t you have made a choice anyway. If God’s message reaches one person out there and they truly come to know him. There is a celebration in heaven. It can be you, are you called?  Matthew 15:4-7  Are you listening to that little light inside you? You know that there is a God, Our only God, that created everything you see. Genesis says in the beginning. John says in the beginning. Jesus is the beginning and the end in Revelation 21:6-8  He is the Alpha and the Omega. Is he calling you? Are you ready to give your burden to him? I was and many others like me. We have joy in our ultimate destination. He has promised us he will come back for those that persevere. I have faith and he let me see. Even one trial after another, I still see. I have mental illness but, when I get over the initial hurdle I am stronger every time. Lord you are carrying me. Amen I give my whole heart and soul to you always, Gladly with Peace in Heaven as my eternal home, your home of many mansions already prepared. John 14:1-4

Through Our Savior Jesus Christ, The Only Mediator between us and The Almighty God. Repent, Accept the truth, the Holy Spirit will guide you everyday. Amen, Amen!!!  The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit.