Writing for the Lord!!!


If you accept the Versatile Blogger award, these are the rules I originally was told and the rules I will send along your way.  Please follow or bend as you feel compelled to do:

1. Thank the rock star who nominated you and post a link to their blog in your post.

2. Tell 7 random things about yourself.

3. Nominate 7 other fabulously versatile bloggers.

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About Peaceinheaven/bipolar1forever

I am a sinner.

I am a new born-again Christian, March 2011, but the Lord has me growing in a major way.

I have lived a life in darkness until he called me to the light. As all I knew he was there, but he wasn’t ready for me yet. (54 yr-old)

I have an estranged family in Lebanon, because of my disabilities (stable). Now more of a problem is my husband is upset and can’t live with my new born faith by grace. He said he can’t believe scriptures I sent convicted him of being a goat. No light there yet.

I live everyday to the Lord’s Glory. I am far from perfect.

I love to blog, the Holy Spirit inspires me always. I have been writing since March 2011.

I love to share the Amazing Grace the Lord has given me within my blog, It’s part of my prayer time written down. 

Your blog is Amazing!!! I do enjoy reading it.


Of course since we all blog, it will take us time to read about each other.  Hey, that’s why we follow!!!  Thank you so much!!!!.  We belong to the Lord Jesus!!! I love blogging about our Lord and Savior. I love making a difference through him. I am so glad I spend more time here, than on Facebook (closed).

Favorite bloggers all belong to the Lord Jesus, can I say more!!! Yes










I follow many others. All are great bloggers for the Lord.

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