My Lord Jesus, You Made Me Happy As Can Be!!!!

I Am Giving Praise. I told my Pastor that I would practice for the choir anyway on Thursday. I wanted so much to do this. I said I was trusting my Lord to work out me being there for Good Friday services. So I went to work and the first person I asked said she would switch with me. I trusted. I believed and now I get to enjoy the services this next weekend. I get to be a part of something I have never done before. We are singing, No Other Grace and Tis Midnight, and on Olive’s Brow. I believe the Lord is going to enjoy our praise with song. He after all gave us new hearts, souls, voices, and a never-ending Love and Praise for Him. It’s all to His Glory. Jesus you have my heart shining. I can believe the change my life has taken because you came to me and saved me from all evil, past and future. To you alone the Glory Belongs, Amen. Singing Your Praises with all my heart and Soul in Fellowship.

Oh, and No Other Grace has a bit of Amazing Grace!!!!

3 thoughts on “My Lord Jesus, You Made Me Happy As Can Be!!!!

  1. You are going to get to a point when you will realize that you will be able to let the bipolar go. I know that sounds wildly impossible, but it will happen. And then your bipolar forever will turn into bipolar that I once knew. It will soften your heart forever and give you complete compassion for those trying to survive it. But it will no longer own it. I promise! Hugs, love and light to you my dear sweet friend! Jo

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