Pray, repent, read, follow Jesus to Eternal life.

I wasn’t a born-again Christian until March 2011. Now I tell you new christians, unbelievers. Be serious, God gives us enough to know that this earth, universe did not just come into being. He created it all. I know that because I was in the dark and now I can see and hear and read, The Bible, His Word. Not one of us seeks God on our own. He has to call us. He is sovereign and he chose before creation ever was. The Bible is for those who by his grace through faith will seek the Lord in repentance and forgiveness of our sins. Jesus was the atonement for those sins. If we believe in him, his death and resurrection, our sins are no longer seen. We have the Blood of Christ covering them. We are still sinners until he returns for his church, the believers, who believe without seeing, because of his Word revealed. No one can understand the Bible without grace from God. If you have God the father, you must have Jesus, the only begotten Son, made man. Then you have the helper the Holy Spirit for discernment of the scriptures. Only then can the repentant sinner have discernment. To an unbeliever, unrepentant sinner, the Bible is foolishness for the fool. If you read this you know that you may have this calling. Only God can convert the human soul. Nothing we do can earn us anything. We are like clanging cymbals, because without the Love of Jesus Christ, the greatest gift of all, we have nothing but eternal damnation. God does not lie. It is in the Word. Pray today. You can know you are going to heaven. You don’t just have to think, well maybe I am good enough, not one is good enough. Trust in the Lord. What do you have to lose but your life? It won’t be pretty, eternal suffering, with gnashing of teeth, in pain, where the worm never dies.

I hope and pray you are reached and don’t pass the point of  no return. God can draw you to that moment to give you grace. Why not get on your knees if you want a chance to know, to receive mercy… I fear God and his wrath on this world. That is the first step, fear of his wrath, it will come to be. Amen Lord Jesus, God the Father for grace through faith and the Holy Spirit for guidance and understanding. The helper promised to the twelve disciples after his crucifixion. We are buried with him in his atonement for own sins, now and forever. Heaven waits, Jesus promised he has gone to prepare a place for us and will come back for us, BELIEVE and REPENT.