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About Peaceinheaven/bipolar1forever

I am a sinner.

I am a new born-again Christian, March 2011, but the Lord has me growing in a major way.

I have lived a life in darkness until he called me to the light. As all I knew he was there, but he wasn’t ready for me yet. (54 yr-old)

I have an estranged family in Lebanon, because of my disabilities (stable). Now more of a problem is my husband is upset and can’t live with my new born faith by grace. He said he can’t believe scriptures I sent convicted him of being a goat. No light there yet.

I live everyday to the Lord’s Glory. I am far from perfect.

I love to blog, the Holy Spirit inspires me always. I have been writing since March 2011.

I love to share the Amazing Grace the Lord has given me within my blog, It’s part of my prayer time written down. 

Your blog is Amazing!!! I do enjoy reading it.


Of course since we all blog, it will take us time to read about each other.  Hey, that’s why we follow!!!  Thank you so much!!!!.  We belong to the Lord Jesus!!! I love blogging about our Lord and Savior. I love making a difference through him. I am so glad I spend more time here, than on Facebook (closed).

Favorite bloggers all belong to the Lord Jesus, can I say more!!! Yes










I follow many others. All are great bloggers for the Lord.

My Lord Jesus, You Made Me Happy As Can Be!!!!

I Am Giving Praise. I told my Pastor that I would practice for the choir anyway on Thursday. I wanted so much to do this. I said I was trusting my Lord to work out me being there for Good Friday services. So I went to work and the first person I asked said she would switch with me. I trusted. I believed and now I get to enjoy the services this next weekend. I get to be a part of something I have never done before. We are singing, No Other Grace and Tis Midnight, and on Olive’s Brow. I believe the Lord is going to enjoy our praise with song. He after all gave us new hearts, souls, voices, and a never-ending Love and Praise for Him. It’s all to His Glory. Jesus you have my heart shining. I can believe the change my life has taken because you came to me and saved me from all evil, past and future. To you alone the Glory Belongs, Amen. Singing Your Praises with all my heart and Soul in Fellowship.

Oh, and No Other Grace has a bit of Amazing Grace!!!!

Thank you, Lord for Gifts received!

Everyday we need to thank our God, Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit, The Triune for our gifts. He gives us the gifts of love, perseverance, faith, hope, charity, forgiveness, his gifts. Finally after we devote everything to him, we see the true fruits of his love through us. I can tell you that I have only been a born again Christian since March 2011. I have been so almost destroyed in my life but, ultimately, HE had mercy upon me a sinner with no hope. I knew at that time I was needing punishment forever. I could never ever be good enough. I was already evil from the beginning. He said in his word, not one searches after God, not one. Roman 3:9-31. That means every one of us, everyone, no one is excluded.” Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot not see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3. He is speaking in context to a Pharisee, Nicodemus, a Jew, who repented and became born again. We know by scripture he came to our Lord with questions. Romans 3:1-21. He helped to bury our Lord after his crucifixion. John 19-38-42. Nicodemus and Joseph of Artimathea who gave his new burial tomb, were both born again believers. So in reading our Bibles, which are Spiritual Discerned, meaning you cannot understand without true repentance and conversion, we have the truth all of it in our hands and hearts and souls, forever. So if your Bible is just sitting on your table, you need to pray to the Lord, read it that he will have MERCY on you a sinner, without him there is no hope of salvation, just destruction. God does not lie, He tells you the truth. Do you want to hear and see? Repent and Believe. You just may be his chosen. Amen, Lord Jesus thank you for my salvation, a sinner deserving nothing but, your wrath.

Keeping my eyes on the unseen God!

What do I need? I have no wants, except to serve him in any way I can. He says he will take care of me. I trust him to do so. He says to love others as I have loved you. He says that Love is the greatest gift of all. In his Word, the promises are there. All you have to do is repent and realize that without him you have only two choices. One is with him in eternity. One is with demons and the devil in his realm, the bottomless pit, the place where the worm never dies. The place where you are all alone and suffering, gnashing your teeth. A place where there is a chasm that can never be crossed.  Luke 16:19-31 You will know then that you just wouldn’t listen to that inner conscience that said. What if God is the Creator of all things?  Ask yourself.  His book the Bible is the best seller of all time. Is that just a coincidence? What if all this is true? I dare you to ask forgiveness for your sins. Because God says in His Word that we are all sinners, all of us fall short. Roman 3:10-18. We can never earn our way to heaven on our own, never. Matthew 19:16-30 Jesus already paid the price, dying for us on the cross. Romans 4:7-8. Believe, repent your sins and be at his mercy. You are already at his mercy anyway. He is our creator and he says ” I will have mercy on who I will have mercy.”  Who are you to question God? Job 38-42.  Hell is a real place. Revelations 9:19  Heaven is a real place. Revelations 21-22. You are choosing even if you don’t.

Pray the Lord has mercy on you a sinner. Amen

There is a little light in every man. It can grow or burn out. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God (Jesus Christ). John 1:1-2 Read on.

Help our brothers and sisters around the world.


I recently was sent this by a Christian sister.  Today by the Holy Spirit I am posting it to my site. Be a help in prayer or if you can send Bibles or anything you can do to help.

Do what you can for others that have no religious freedoms. Someday it will be Chrislam (combined pagan religions) or whatever they call it.. We need to reach all nations before this happens. When our Lord returns it will be too late for most and those who now deny HE is Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Creator of All you see and all who are.

Amen. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Sometimes Christian brothers say what you need at the right time.


by ancientcures



 A Question Worth Pondering

Thus says the LORD, the King of Israel, and his redeemer, the LORD of HOSTS: “I AM the first and the last; besides ME there is no GOD.”  Isaiah 45:6



Have you ever asked yourself the question: If the world and its way of thinking are so good, then why does it persecute those who are Christians, and Jews?  If America is going in the right direction then why are they so bent of getting rid of the Only True GOD?

Those who are trying to get GOD and HIS teachings out of the marketplace, are of their father, the devil.  Mankind’s way is the way of death, GOD’s way is the way of life.  GOD promotes love and all the religions of the world promote death and self.  Stands to reason if the world is running towards death and destruction, the only sure cure is to run the other way.  There are two religious ways in the world today that run towards life and one came out of the other. 

Jesus was a Jew, HE was born of a woman into the Jewish culture.  HE came to give the Jews the fulfillment of the Law that they cherished and tried to live by.  The problem is that No One Can Live By the Law, except that they are indwelled by the HOLY SPIRIT.  Even with the indwelling of the SPIRIT we have trouble.

The world is evil and wants the light that GOD sheds on it to be extinguished, so they, who are driven by the devil, do all they can to put that light out.  The children of the darkness want to live in darkness so that their sin and decadence can’t be seen.  They stand up every day to push us farther and farther into the darkness that they live in.  Case in point.  The ACLU, who says that they are all about rights, systematically file suit against any mention of GOD in our schools and government.  They say that they are protecting our constitution from those bad folks who are trying to promote one religion.  I believe that you can see the harm they have done. 

ALL the religions of the world are false, whether it’s Hindu, Islam, Shin Taoism, or any other that lifts up self and or and finding one’s inner self or promotes a false god as the only true god.  The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the ONLY TRUE GOD.  Besides HIM there is no other.  This is why the world does not turn to HIM.  They know that HE exists and that HE has rules and that HE is strict and narrow, being that HE has provided ONE Way to heaven, through HIS Son Jesus Christ. 

I’ve always been one who doesn’t do what everyone else is doing, I’ve tried to be an individual.  I don’t do drugs because it is the In thing, I don’t follow the way the world operates because to my way of thinking, if everyone is doing something, it isn’t necessarily the right way to go.  Why not stop and check out what is really happening in this world today?  I know that folks don’t want to think about this, and many say that it is not positive to think about these things.  I would say that if you see a bridge out it’s best to stop before you plunge into whatever is below that bridge. We may not be able to stop the world from plunging over the edge, but we can, at least, individually stop from falling to our death and destruction.  Who knows maybe if enough of us individuals stop pretty soon there will be a majority?

The Muslims kill you if you don’t believe their way, the Hindus have their cast system and can never get to the place they want to go.  GOD has one thought, that HE loves you.  HE says turn to me, or Don’t.  It is your choice.  HE loves you enough to allow you to make the choice and doesn’t say you have to.  HE loves you enough and respects your Will enough to not force you into something You don’t want to do.  That’s what love is.  It’s is having the power to keep something but letting the thing decide if it wants to be kept.

If the other gods of this world are so good, then why do those who follow them have to force people to do what they say?  Why don’t they take a moratorium on force and let their god enforce itself and it’s rules?  The reason is because they can’t, because they are not gods but figments of some person’s imagination.  Elijah proved that several thousand years ago, when there was a contest between Baal and the ONLY LIVING GOD.  Only the MOST HIGH GOD, can show up because HE is real and not an imagined deity.

Selah, pause and think about what has been said.  Take a break from the world’s way of thinking a ask GOD to reveal HIMSELF to you.  You know what?  HE will.  And you will know it is HE because he never goes against HIS Word, or the Bible.  GOD has put HIS Word above HIMSELF and it doesn’t change because HE doesn’t change, even if there are those who try to change it.  Don’t believe it when someone stands up and says that they are a new apostle of GOD and that they have new revelation.  GOD has given HIS Word and while HE will help us to understand what HE has already given, HE isn’t handing out a new word.  Heck we can’t even comprehend all the HE has given in what HE has given.

Oh, by the way, if you are a believer in some other god, don’t bother trying to kill me. Why not let the one you follow do that?  It might save you from getting into trouble with the law.

Until next time, thanks for looking.  al


Thanks for this amazing post!!! I felt the ire of others this week when I pointed out a few things. You are right and my born again Christian brother tried to tell me. You and I are not going to get them to see. I went into my protection mode with my bipolar and PTSD disorders. My other brother who has worked in the field of mental illness, his whole career at least got them to understand what happened. It was a mix of put down for another person and bringing up something that happened over 20 yrs ago. My dad died Friday, March sixteenth. My mother did not any rehashing of this. I felt isolated after what I said. It was what I felt in leaving my family in Lebanon. No one wanted to listen to me. I pray someday the Lord calls them all. Thank you God for not giving more than I can handle. He works through me without words, sometimes better. Amen. Lord Jesus.

Reading the truth daily always declares the way to the Lord our God.

Why am I surprised? Warning you may not want to read this if you are devout catholic.

I thought I was dealing well. I really was until, I had a trigger for my illness activated. It just got me so protective of my mom. I am a born again Christian and I did not like the subject being addressed. My dad has just died on friday. A certain person came over and brought up something very hurtful from the past. It did not need to be in our lives at this time or ever again for that matter. It made a rift in the family that is now not bridged for over twelve years. It was a very hurtful time for my mother and I did not want her thinking of this and burying her husband she had just lost. Needless to say I confronted and no one liked it. I felt alienated for being a Christian and being assertive. Mostly that because of being a Christian (I haven’t been preaching here for a while). I don’t have the right to say stop it. I was saying also to myself how do you have the right to condemn this person for what you know they did. It is not your right but, God’s only. God says take the plank out of your own eye first. There are many of us around that do think we are better than others. We must repent and be forgiven. Remember it says in the Bible, how he sees us before we are saved. Before that we have no fear of him. Romans 2:9-18.  If repent we have eternal life in heaven if we don’t we still have eternal life and it’s not pretty. If we believe with all our hearts, all our souls and all our strength in our Lord Jesus Christ and his atonement for our sins. We must let him change us to the person with the gifts he is giving us. We are to be a disciple of his word and at any given chance. Even as I had a P.T.S.D. and bipolar day. I stood up for my Lord and Savior. I know he forgives me for things I said. Everyone one of us has their own way of dealing. Mine is along with mental illness. I won’t go into that room for the family private viewing, I can’t deal. Update, I am going, so I don’t regret not being there. God will never give me more than I can handle. My  family understands. I will see him at the funeral anyway.

 I am reading Revelations 21 in partiality. The priest won’t allow me to read verse eight. They don’t want people to know they are sinners. Should I do it anyway? I say yes but, I won’t. It won’t make a difference to those devout catholics who won’t see. Besides I have to follow the priests instructions. He is in control of the service. My parents have supported this church, and my mom’s parents before them. We still have no right to be peculiar people with our born again Christian beliefs. Gee doesn’t that happen almost everywhere now?

Anyway I thought yesterday, “I can’t even go in there for the funeral.” I know the Lord is with me to carry me, so I will be fine. I need to stop thinking forward to the time when my mother may go and I will be her rock through Jesus. Because at this point she doesn’t see and all except my brother, aunt and me do not. No catholic communion for us either.  

Lord Jesus give us Strength in your Love and Forgiveness, and perseverance..

I was thinking before I hope my new name in heaven is Cheer. Probably not of the blue I got that as my email name, Cheercher years ago. Inspired by my outward long call to the saving grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Saved at fifty-four is saved, only He knows when and if He lets you see.