Amazing!!! is His Grace through Faith!!!!

Things have slowly changed over fifteen months. I am glad for that part, that is not being put back out in this world until I was ready. Yes it took much time to recover. Yet in the beginning of this turmoil, I wasn’t even sure that would happen. No way, I thought so. I could see never-ending grief.

Get down into it, repent. You are mired in with no way out.  That is what he does sometimes to draw his elect to him. He knew when I would finally give up my controlling mess. He knew when I would turn when he called. He knew on my own I was lost forever. He knew I wouldn’t see anything myself. He knew my eyes, heart and soul needing opening. He knew when, the date, time, minute, second was. He knows what the plans are for me and you until this age is complete. He knows I am not afraid. He knows that his work will be completed in me. He knows that through me others are loved and cared for. He knows all sees all. He is the Lord Of Lords, King of Kings, My Salvation, The One and the Only Sovereign God. The Beginning and The End.

Reign over your people, Lord. We are awaiting your return and Glory. Keep us ever-present in your sight and guide us through all things. Keep us strong in Your Word and with Strength and Perseverance.

Protect all families, loved ones, nations, Peoples, and we pray for our enemies. You are the Sovereign God, Creator of all we see and who live and have. You have chosen from the beginning those who will spend eternity in your presence. Thank you, My Lord for Your Grace through faith not of me.

Thank you Lord, for your churches here that we attend and the friends, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, who died for our atonement, (sins). Amen

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