Trust the Lord your God!!!!

When you trust the Lord your God you pray believing he will give you what you ask for. It is very, true. I can truly say that he has taken my life from a fallen state and turned it to His Glory. I feel so blessed to have been given His Mercy as a fallen and unredeemable sinner on my own. When we do what he has us to do, he overcomes all obstacles. Trusting in him for everything. Because His Word is Perfect and True. Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.  He may just hear you and turn your life around as he has mine. I came from attempted suicide (death and darkness) to Living in The Light eternally.

He has blessed me with two Great churches to attend. How will he divide me? I am not sure yet. Two Great Church families, Christian friends, my health back. A reunion on the mend with my family in Lebanon. A new job doing his work, not mine.

All praise and Honor to You Almighty God!

In Jesus’s name I pray and praise.

This is not to say, I will not have struggles. Because now they don’t take me down, they build me up. To His Glory not mine.  Amen

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