The more we walk with the Lord.

The more we walk with the Lord the more trials there are. If nothing is going on to make you move, be assured you are doing what satan wants. It’s mess after mess, trial after trial. It is to the point I say, “Whatever happens I know I can pray.” If  it’s not what the Lord wants then I’ll know too.  All I know is I will walk with no other, there is no other. He is the I AM.  He will carry me at times when I need it.  He promises all these things in his Word.  He takes me where I need to be. He gives me discernment in my studies. I know the truth because he has shown me. He will never leave me. I cannot be snatched from his hands. I am his for eternity. God doesn’t lie. I could never have seen on my own or understood. He chose me. I am a sinner and you are too. I repented, he knew I would and when. I am elect.

We can’t explain away parts of the Bible. We can’t say that he said this to them and only them. He is using his Words as examples to us to learn and grow. Our ancestors made grave errors. He showed us those errors. He has taught about election all the way through from the beginning. He saved only Noah and his family through the flood. Genesis 7,8,9,10. He made a covenant with Abram Genesis 15, changed his name and his wife’s Sarai to Sarah in Genesis 17. He told them they would have a child in their old age. Sarah laughed and said she didn’t, for she was afraid. And He said, “No but you did laugh!” Genesis 18:15  He saved Lot and his daughters from fire and brimstone in Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham said to the Lord if you find fifty righteous people on down to 10, will you not destroy them. Genesis 18:16-33.

Well amidst all the city only three made it out because of depravity.. Lot his daughters and his wife, who looked back and was turned to a pillar of salt. They stayed in Zoar in a cave because they were afraid. His daughters got him drunk and laid with him.  His son was Moab by his first-born daughter and the  father of the Moabites. The Ammon nation from Ben-Ammi of his second daughter, to this day. Genesis 19:30-38.

So much history in God’s Word, Isaac is born in Genesis 21. Abraham was to kill him to show his trust in the Lord even though he was promised in his seed all nations of the earth would be blessed, because you obeyed my voice…And God said to Abraham: “As for you, you shall keep My covenant, you and your descendants after you throughout your generations. Before Isaac was born he told Abraham his covenant was with Isaac, whom Sarah will bear next year..” Genesis 17:21  He was born as God said in Genesis 21.

This is just after the flood. Start at Genesis 1. You can’t remember all the names of who bore whom.. God created all, the world, everything in it,  Adam and Eve, satan, who deceived them as a serpent and his deception of angels before them.  He is here today and will stay until the last day. Satan wants to have you believe he is greater than The One and Only God, The Beginning and The End, The Word and the Word made Flesh, Jesus Christ. Keep going on, ignoring what is around us. Explain how evolution could put everything in perfect order from a big bang or from an ape. No I will stick with the True Word in his Words. I believe I see. Thank you Lord Jesus, My Abba, Father.


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