Go at it another way if you can’t get through and Pray.

Through my life the Lord is continually working. If I get at a point where I say What now? I pray for what’s in the way. My brother told me, I get pretty quick answers, so I must be doing what the Lord wants, Amen. I talked to my friend. She said pray, too. God can do it. In my heart I know that is so so true. Joy is there and I say yes…When I think I’m at a stand still he breaks through. Sometimes it’s just powerful. 

I was going to find another way to do his work. I have been getting quite a bit of resistance if you know what I mean. People who are well-meaning but, don’t have the Lord and his all out love for us and for others, (yet).  Tell me to hold back. What are you telling me to not do what the Lord has me doing?  I was willing to do whatever to get where I need to be. It was truly sure I could do it also the other way. After praying and really giving it over to him. I said what ever or however I am continuing. I have my gifts from him.

Next thing you know who I prayed for came in the room and said I am so sorry. I was wrong. God would not want me to stand in your way. It isn’t right. You do what you want. I won’t say anything anymore. Please just don’t go to dangerous cities or to far away. We had agreed to that before I started. Anyway my point is if you are not moving, then maybe you are not being moved.

Amen. Lord Jesus, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, My Cornerstone of  Trust, My Sovereign God